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What is Words

Read ‘Words’ Online for Free, written by the author Paul Alan Fahey, This book is a LGBT+ Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Blake believes in love at first sight; Stanley isn’t so sure. Their lifelong romance begins with a random meeting in a b...


Blake believes in love at first sight; Stanley isn’t so sure. Their lifelong romance begins with a random meeting in a bar and ends in happily ever after.<br><br>As the years pass, Stanley’s struggling literary career takes off, and Blake finds fulfillment as a counselor at a local community college. When the AIDS epidemic strikes their small town in the 1980s, their resolve and relationship are tested. The only way to survive the crisis is to draw strength in the love they share.<br><br>Later, as they enter their senior years, they must deal with frightening new issues of infirmity and disability. Yet through it all, the two men share a deep, emotional bond that survives and strengthens their resolve to tackle any and all challenges head on. Together.

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If you're the heroine of the novel then I shall be your new no-extra

## Aeon's Nightmare: Reality Bites Aeon, a college kid with an apocalypse-novel obsession, never imagined living one. Hunched over his workstation in the design unit workshop, the usual student murmurs faded into the background. An unsettling chill crept in, raising goosebumps on his arms. Whispers of "freezing" rippled through the class. The tutor, Ms. Hawthorne, wrestled with the thermostat, her brow furrowed. The heater remained stubbornly silent, its clicks swallowed by the growing unease. It was late – the maintenance crew should've been here ages ago. To add to the weirdness, the Wi-Fi had flatlined, leaving an eerie digital silence. With a sigh, Ms. Hawthorne dispatched Emily, her timid assistant, to fetch someone from maintenance. "Urgent!" she stressed. Hours bled into one another. No Emily. Faint screams echoed from the hallway, dismissed as drama club antics by most. Aeon, lost in a heated debate about the design project, barely registered the chaos brewing outside their bubble. Then, the door creaked open. A flicker of relief crossed the tutor's face. "Emily's back with—" Her smile froze, replaced by raw terror. The figure that shambled in wasn't Emily. It was a grotesque caricature, eyes vacant, hunger gnawing at its decaying face. A primal fear gripped Aeon – Zombie. Pandemonium erupted. Shrieks pierced the air as chairs toppled and the room devolved into a maelstrom of terror. Aeon's mind, usually calm, warred with his trembling body. A memory sparked – a weekend devoured by a book featuring the badass zombie slayer, Layla. Now, he was living that story, trapped in a virus-ravaged world. Layla. On the brink of her ninth regression, a terrifying loop threatening to unravel reality itself. Aeon, inexplicably, knew the rules: ten regressions, the absolute limit. Layla, doomed to fail, to regress, to repeat. But the book offered no clues about the tenth regression, the one where she found a wish stone. What did she wish for? And if she fell further, would the world reset, erasing Aeon from existence? Across the room, Layla watched Aeon with narrowed eyes. Amidst the chaos, he stood out. While others screamed or fled, he moved with a calculated grace, as if he'd rehearsed this nightmare a thousand times. A flicker of morbid curiosity sparked within her. "What an odd duck," Layla mused, her fingers tightening around the makeshift weapon clutched in her hand. "Why can't I remember him from the past loops?" The undead clawed at the barricaded door, their moans a constant reminder of the danger. Layla couldn't shake the feeling that Aeon was a puzzle piece missing from her fragmented memories. Was he a glitch in the system, a wildcard thrown into the mix? She'd seen countless faces – allies, enemies, and those who faded into oblivion with each regression. But Aeon defied categorization. He shouldn't be here, yet he was. A living enigma. His calm focus was a beacon in the storm, and Layla couldn't help but be drawn to it. Perhaps he held the key to breaking the cycle, a thread she could grasp to unravel the fabric of fate. As Aeon met her gaze with a flicker of understanding, Layla's lips curved into a half-smile. "You're no ordinary survivor," she whispered, her voice lost in the pandemonium. "And neither am I." A primal growl rumbled from Aeon's throat, a promise echoing amidst the pandemonium. "I will survive this. end this."

ZERO8 · Horror
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Her Will Eternal

Have you ever wondered what happens in a isekai before the hero is summoned? Well usually a powerful event has to take place to shake the very world itself. Like the death of someone important. This leads to the end of a fragile peace that this person’s very presence maintained. However have you ever wondered what if this world shaking event failed to take place as it was supposed to. That would mean that Freya Conleth the Empress of the Stars someone who’s very power forces all nations to live in peace. Someone who should have died as part of the plot but did not. Freya’s throne was forged in the blood and bones of Commoners and nobles alike. She went from a commoner born on the streets to a fierce general leading her army’s to carve a bloody path across the human continent. To create the largest empire in human history. The Empire Of The Stars. Now because of a conspiracy orchestrated by the gods themselves to tear the world asunder and save it with the arrival of the hero. But in life things rarely ever go as they are supposed to even for the gods. As a result the world must now face the wrath of Freya and her blooded war legions. The rivers will run red with the blood of her enemies. As Freya seeks the truth of the conspiracy that surrounds her death and the summoning of the hero.  If you like this novel and want to read advanced chapters subscribe to Patre0n. Starting at only 3$ up to 20$ you receive access to all advanced chapters and discord access. www.p@tre0n.com/everstone NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS Please Note advanced chapters of her Will Eternal will begin to be available on my Patre0n on Saturday.

EverStone · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

My World Now

This is my first attempt at a story. Even if no one read it I am having fun. It’s a story about a women who finds herself in a world unknown. The sky is purple and the Elves hang out in the trees to the south waiting to attack and eat you alive. This is a chapter sample Village My red wings blend well in the dark sky. This is a small village, if you can call it that, not even fifty houses. The village is on a small hill. The roofs are a light blue grass and the walls are an orange stone. There are no walls encasing the town. There are a few rows of a purple flower surrounding the village. The leafs are blue with red vines through them. These are flowers that give off a perfume that the beasts don't like. The flowers also surround part of the field that has creatures that walk on two legs. They look something like dinosaurs/large chickens with no feathers, and skin like an elephant. They are used like horses. The grass is a light blue and reaches to the forest. Not a person can be seen in the village. Not a light in any of the houses. "When darkness comes all babies should be in bed cause monsters play at night." I laugh at myself and dive. A red light lances through the sky from the column on the nearest corner of the village just missing me "Now that pisses me off," I say out loud, and let loose a black flame from my mouth. The flame hits the column. Then I let loose another. This time I hear a scream as the house I aim at bursts into flames. I blast house after house.

Conna · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
41 Chs

Whispers of Love: A Tale of Endless Devotion

Whispers of Love: A Tale of Endless Devotion is a captivating fiction story based on true events that will transport you into a world where love knows no boundaries. Drawing inspiration from real-life experiences, this tale follows the lives of Lily and Ethan, two individuals whose paths intersect in the most unexpected way. Set against the backdrop of a bustling city, their love story unfolds with all the enchantment and challenges that accompany true devotion. Lily, a talented and resilient artist, finds solace in her art, channeling her emotions onto canvas. Ethan, a charismatic and driven writer, seeks inspiration for his next masterpiece. When their fates collide, an undeniable connection ignites, drawing them closer with each passing moment. As their love deepens, they embark on a journey of self-discovery, unraveling hidden layers of their own identities and confronting the ghosts of their past. Amidst the turbulence of life's uncertainties, Lily and Ethan navigate the complexities of their relationship, facing trials that test the strength of their bond. Together, they experience the euphoria of passion, the pain of heartbreak, and the triumph of forgiveness. As they navigate through the twists and turns of life, their unwavering commitment to one another becomes a beacon of hope, reminding us all of the transformative power of love. Whispers of Love: A Tale of Endless Devotion will take you on an emotional rollercoaster, immersing you in a story of love, growth, and the enduring power of the human spirit. Join Lily and Ethan as they navigate the unpredictable journey of life, proving that love, when nurtured with devotion, can conquer all obstacles, transcending time and space.

Not enough ratings
15 Chs


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