Won't you notice me now, Father?
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Won't you notice me now, Father?


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What is Won't you notice me now, Father?

Read Won't you notice me now, Father? novel written by the author Solaaabelle on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, reincarnation, secondchance, lovetriangle, slowburnromance. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


'Huff.. Huff.. ' The echoing sounds of rushing foot steps grew louder and louder as Eloette runs as fast as she can, in order to avoid death. "Brother! Over here!" A man with white hair yells as his eyes captures bright skyblue hair flowing through the woods. 'Oh Dear God... Please don't let them catch me... ' She pleaded... But God showed no mercy. Alas, she was at the edge of a cliff and Oh, it was surely high enough to drag her to death's doorstep. She looks back and tries to find a different escape-way but...she was already surrounded. "Eloette Miora Damielle, Daughter of Duke Ericellis... We are here to arrest you for attempted murder!" 'But I didn't do it!..' "Eloette" A soft yet husky voice calls out her name. It was her father. Eloette looks at him as he does with her. The Silence stood long, until... "I..." "...?" "Won't you notice me now, Papa?" Eloette looks at him with the warmest smile she could ever give as she gives in her weight... and falls to her death. "Mio!!!!" She heard her nickname being yelled, to her surprise, it was her father...She took a last glimpse before her long lasting slumber. 'Why do you look so sad?...' ... "Guhh!! Huff.. huff.." "Milady!! She's awake!!" A young maid, who Eloette swore has died, screams in joy. 'Whats going on? And why am I in my bedroom?'


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