Woman with the Tiger Eyes in the Beast World Book

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Woman with the Tiger Eyes in the Beast World


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Sienna travelled to another world when she found a beautiful crystal in the sea. This wild land is ruled by warriors, who can change into ferocious beasts. Females are scarce in this world, they have more males to ensure their protection, but not every tribe treats them well. Sienna first meets an Ape prince who likes her to be his but scares her halfway to his village. She ran from him but he tried to get her back by force. The huge snake retrieves her for himself as for his food. She decided to play a game of wits with him, to give her 3 chances to escape. She will encounter a tiger Lord, who is so smitten with her, that he will gladly die for her, the wicked and exotic Scorpion King, the cold and dangerous eagles and the Black Dragon who can destroy all others. Sienna will need to use all her wits and beauty to tame these beasts. This story is not as gruesome or violent as regular Chinese stuff here, because I'm European, so it is kind of easy to read but it still has hot content, twists and an interesting storyline. The setting ranges from ancient, medieval to almost modern. I had to move this book to novels as it is not fanfic, I made the mistake with the settings and I will keep updating there as well for you who have been reading here for some time. This story in the novels is called Woman with the Tiger eyes in the Beast Warrior's World. Thank you so much for reading. Also this is uncontracted story, so enjoy the free reading:-)


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