Woman at the Lowest Point : Intoxicating Love

[COMPLETED STORY!!!] {WARNING! MATURE CONTENT 21+} **** At the end of story, all you need is love! I have found it in you~ Hans Matthew. **** Achiera accidentally entered the room and spilled wine on young master Hans Matthew's work documents, resulting in the young master losing his targeted cooperation opportunity for 1 year and the client's humiliation made the young master furious. Instead of apologizing, Achiera Grey slapped the young master from the Matthews group. After finding out, it turns out, Achiera is the daughter of a mortal enemy who destroyed his life in the past! Knowing this prompted Hans to continue the revenge he had buried for a long time. Can he get his revenge? And what is the real problem that causes Hans to be hostile to Achiera's father? =============== Woman at the lowest point series: 1. Between Love and Revenge [Chapter 01-108 (end)] 2. Intoxicating Love [109-378 (End)] ***CAUTION! English is not my first language, so there is a possibility that you will find grammatical error (I didn't do it intentionally though), if it makes you uncomfortable, please let me know so I can fix it. *You have been warned^^ Any constructive criticisms are very welcome! ##The cover photo is Mine. Created by @gisel.arts ~Check out my other story; Φ CRAZY FOR YOU (Love that I can't Leave Behind) Φ 36 Ways To Chased After My Wife's Love ***Meet me on; *** @nv.chrd (Instagram)

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Begin the Story

"Life is not easy, but there is no burden that we can not bear ... Be strong, because no one can beat a woman with determination and high ambition ...."

—Woman at the Lowest Point—


"Okay Achiera, we'll meet at the address I sent to you, don't be late!!" Kaili said, ending our conversation on the phone.

Kaili was my best friend since we were small kids, but we had to be separated when we started high school, she had to move to the capital city along with her parents.

She helped me with many things, including finding a job in a city far away from my home town.

We promised to meet this afternoon at her house to catch up with her parents, as well as to discuss the matter of my job appointment that her father would give me.

'In this world, if I ever wanted to believe in someone wholeheartedly, Kaili is the right person.'

My name is Achiera Grey, I came from a small town of F Country. My family life was barely normal. My parents have left this world, even before my two younger siblings and I could fully understand the meaning of death. I was so little, I even forgot how my parents actually looked like.

As for the one who took care of us and raised us was my grandmother.

And, now that I have turned eighteen, I'm planning to go and find a well paid job in the capital city as I have just finished my final studies in the high school. My dream to continue my education to a higher level must be buried deep. Because it is time for me to take responsibility as a sister and also a granddaughter who has been raised since childhood.

I no longer wanted to sit and watch, doing nothing as my vulnerable grandmother got tired of working all day in the fields for the three of us.

I went to the place Kaili has mentioned. Actually, Kaili said that she would send a driver to pick me up, but I refused. I don't want to trouble Kaili any more.

I left early so that I could walk while enjoying the afternoon breeze. Well, I could save my expenses too.

As I'm walking toward my destination, I got a sudden feeling of being followed by someone. I accelerated my footsteps and that person also ran after me. Without thinking, I ran as hard as I could, away from those who were chasing me.

Gasping for breath, I went to a place where from a distance I could see several people passing by, going in and out.

Just like earlier, without thinking I entered that place along with the rushing in crowd. This place is very crowded and noisy. I felt very uncomfortable just by being in here.

"Hello, Miss, are you here to have fun? Come here, to us! We will make you realize how exactly the real world works," The middle-aged man said laughing, while trying to get close to me.

"I'm sorry, Sir. I want to leave. I have come to the wrong place," I said politely.

"Leave? Hahaha ... It would be too bad if you leave even before doing anything," another man beside him said, as he walked closer to me.

'Could not walk on the streets, couldn't bear to stay in here, these men are so insolent with women. Is the capital city really like this?' I muttered to myself.

Immediately, I reached into the contents of my bag. I took a pepper spray that my brother gave me before I left to this big city.

I sprayed it right into the eyes of those three players, then left, wanting to get out.

Even before my mind could decide where to go, my legs acted on their own and carried me toward a hallway door. And the voice of the bar man made me mindlessly enter that door.

Well, you know, when we are nervous, usually we will act without thinking.


Instantly, the sound of broken glasses awakened me and made me look around me.

"What the hell is this, Mr. Hans? I never thought that you would invite me to meet at such a place like this for our business project! You said this place would be safe, there would be no interruptions! So what is this? My precious document is now drowned in wine, and I can't tolerate this!!!" The fat man scolded, pointing a finger at the man beside him.

"OUR COOPERATION AGREEMENT CONTRACT IS CANCELLED!!!" That man continued angrily as he left the room.


I realized it was my fault.

"I ... I'm ... I ..." I stuttered.

"SHUT UP!!!" The man shouted even before I could finish my words.

I stood trembling at that man's overbearing attitude. I opened my mouth wanting to say something, anything ;but I closed it again, when I felt that I couldn't even think of anything appropriate to say in this situation.