22 21. Let him go

The sounds around him were muffled like under the water. Glen's eyes fluttered, then opened on the darkness. A forest landscape trapped in the cold of winter was exposed, magnificent, before the alpha's eyes. He tried to move and he felt a weakness in his limbs that prevented him from straightening up. What happened? Where was he?

The werewolf searched for the last memories he remembered. Whispers reached him. Thanks to his overdeveloped hearing, he immediately recognized the owners of the voices and his body tensed when he remembered the sensation in his neck just before dark. Someone pricked him with a syringe and injected him with something. No. It's wasn't just someone. Connor. He tried to clench his fists, but he didn't have enough strength. His wolf was taking over. Like every evening for several weeks already. He could feel his pheromones invading the cabin of the car.


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