11 10. After the blow

Cherry was walking back and forth through the main entrance. When a signal for backup was sent over an hour ago, fighters immediately set out to support the sentry units on the border side with Crescent Moon.

The omega female sighed and continued to pace the few yards to the entrance. Leaning against a slightly recessed wall, Trinity Rivers didn't take her eyes off her daughter-in-law. To avoid contact with the blood that the wounded will inevitably have on them, she chose to keep her human form and wear black clothes she could easily throw away.

The dominant stared at the slender profile of the omega that had captured her son's heart and she understood why. If her features were drawn with anxiety, her eyes shone with a strength that the healer herself had rarely witnessed. Cherry had gathered her hair into a high bun that showed off her elegant head posture. Trinity stood up and approached slowly.

"Are you doing alright?"

The female omega turned her head and looked up. Her hazel irises plunged into the healer's eyes.

"Yes. They better have kept their promise or your son will have a tough time. "

The dominant sneered and put her hand on the top of her hair to stroke it. She took the opportunity to discreetly diffuse some of her pheromones to appease her. The girl's shoulders relaxed immediately.

"I still can't believe you knew what he was going to do and you let them go anyway. You know the Alpha might punish you ... "

"I don't care. When Dante started courting me, everyone was ecstatic because this is a future beta. They don't realize how hard it is to be the mate of a beta. But you know that, right? "

Surprised by her words, Trinity could only slowly nod her head.

"They're always first alongside the Alpha face to danger and they're even willing to sacrifice their life for him. Because that's their role as fangs and claws. No matter who's the enemy, they have to bite, no matter the danger, they have to slice. That's why I vowed to never hold him back and always support him no matter how hard it was. In the eyes of many and perhaps yours too, they have surely made a mistake that deserves punishment. For me, they just did their duty. Dante as the future beta, Eden as the future Luna of Bloodhood. If my silence protected my pack and my Alpha then, I'll gladly accept any punishment. "

Whispers arose as some heard the female omega. A broad smile of pride spread over the healer's mouth.

Suddenly bursts of voices erupted and several healers hurriedly stood up. Just seconds later, a clamor announced the return of their fighters and sentries. The families who had been waiting near the entrance until now cleared the passage to ease the healers' work.

Several rooms had been set up in advance to accommodate the victims. Preparations had started just after the backup had left, and all the healers were on deck ready to treat their patients. They had even planned vehicles to evacuate the seriously injured ones.

Just after the clamors, cries greeted the first wounded. Silver Bloodhood arrived supported on either side by his beta and Christopher Fern. Beside him, Dante walked, supporting Eden. Seeing their men arrive, the dominant and the omega female ran to meet them.

Cherry approached her fiancé and her best friend to help them. She grabbed Eden's arm and put his arm over her shoulder. Dante gave him a fearful look to which she replied with a glare.

"I said in one piece!"

"That's the best we could do, my love."

"Don't try to act sweet, you won't get away with that!", whispered Cherry with a new glare.

"Ok, Ok", said Dante as he chuckled at his omega.

Eden, who had blood flowing from a wound on his head and several broken ribs in addition to all his other wounds tried to reason with her friend.

"In our defense, I had slightly underestimated the forces the other side had mobilized."

"OK, Mr. Genius Strategist. Just keep your strength. Save everything you have to say for your future custody because, one thing is for sure, the three of us are good for the biggest punishment in the history of the pack."

The omega female and her fiancé helped him lie down on one of the extra beds made on the floor. Eden winced as he tried to find a position where his lower back wouldn't hurt. His ribs were painful, and he tried to avoid thinking of the migraine that had invaded his skull after all the blows from the enemy at his head. Cherry looked down and peered over Eden's body to check his injuries. Her eyes were filled with tears she brushed aside with her hand. Dante grabbed her face and planted a kiss on her lips.

"Excuse me, if you want to lick each other's face, can you do it anywhere other than on top of my future corpse?"

The couple snorted at his comment.

"If you have the strength to be humorous, I doubt you're dying." The omega female retorted, gently stroking his cheek. She leaned down and placed a light kiss on his forehead.

"No offense but, I prefer them tall, hunky, with a bit of a dark side. Also, you're lacking something in three pieces necessary to satisfy my… "

Cherry's hand slapped his lips to prevent him from finishing his sentence, eyes wide in shock.

"Damn! Eden, die if you want to, but do it in silence. Please!"

"Why are you trying to kill me? I thought you wanted me to be safe! "Eden whimpered dramatically.

"I see that everything is alright here. How are you feeling?" Trinity asked, bending down.

"I kicked an alpha's ass," the young man said, his blond hair streaked with dirt and dried blood. A smile was plastered across his dust and blue face. Despite everything, he was beaming. The healer's eyes widened as she realized what the omega male had just said. Sitting cross-legged on the floor, Dante intervened, a mocking tone in his voice.

"Technically, you just finished him after the Alpha stabs his pathetic ass."

"Why are you butting in?", Eden pouted.

She auscultated him quickly and sat up with a satisfied air.

"Enough, Dante! Leave Eden alone! Of the two, he is the one who seems to have done something more. Were you there as a bystander or what? " The beta crossed his arms with a pout, and his fiancée chuckled softly.

A voice rose above the commotion. Snow Bloodhood had recently arrived in the room where the wounded continued to arrive. Despite her worry and the stress she was feeling, she had not let go of her obligations to Luna. She had just hung up on the hospital she had contacted to notify them of the arrival in the next half hour of several patients. After checking on her husband's condition, which worried her a lot, she got closer to Eden.

The Alpha watched his mate walk away. He couldn't see her, but he could tell that the look she was giving their son was harsh. He probably would have had the same look, if he had simply seen Eden return hurt after going to the battlefield despite being an omega. But Silver couldn't have that look. Not after seeing what he had seen. Tonight, facing their enemy, it was not an omega he saw, but a great fighter and maybe the greatest strategist of his pack.


The leader gathered his strength. First, he got rid of the werewolf grabbing his leg and sending him away, then he stabbed his claws into the spine of the alpha that had bit his neck.

Suddenly, the assailant's body was snatched away and a golden wolf appeared alongside Silver. A growl rose above the screams and sounds of battle, bringing calm into the night.

"If you want to touch him, you have to deal with me first!"

In his werewolf form, Eden glared at the enemy who just hurt his father and alpha. The alpha who had just been stabbed by the claws of the leader of Bloodhood winced when he felt the first effects of the toxin. He knew he wouldn't last long.

A sadistic smile twisted his face as he realized who just attacked him. The famous golden omega from the Bloodhood pack.

He was just a rogue. A thug without a pack, malnourished, and without a way to compete with an alpha like the legendary pack's leader. But this omega. He could fight him with whatever strength he had left. After all, it was just an omega. He would quickly defeat him and this whole thing would be over.

When this bruised little wolf came to see him and his landless brothers with an alliance proposal, he saw a glimmer of hope. He knew the risks. He might not enjoy the fruits of their victory, but those who survived would have happier days. All he had to do was kill the arrogant omega in front of him. The freak who thinks he's equal to a dominant. This mutt will learn that whatever happens, a Dominant is a Dominant, and Subs just have to shut their mouth.

He detailed the omega in front of him who glared at him and smirked. Yes. That's it. He felt his anger and a thrill of pleasure ran through him. He prepared to attack. Claws out, his toxin ready. All he needed was a well-placed shot and he would kill two birds with one stone. The alpha of Bloodhood and his broken omega son will be history. But the omega didn't give him that pleasure. Before he could even move, Eden stroke hit him right in the face, the second hit his celiac plexus. The impact stole his breath. His head was spinning and he saw the scene that followed as if in slow motion. He saw the omega spin around to gain momentum and throw his hand, claws out, straight at his throat. The second later, he heard Eden's voice.

"How dare you attack my pack and hurt my Alpha? Die! "

Once those words had been said, the omega male turned his hand to move his fingers and a sinister snap indicated he just severed his opponent's neck.

Eyes bloodshot from anger, Eden withdrew his claws from the body which collapsed to the ground. Without lingering, he looked around and saw his father gasping from the toxin. He ran to join him and barely arrived when his legs failed. The alpha shook his head to chase away the dizziness that took hold of him.

Their pack was winning. Bloodhood's fighters were far too powerful. Their large numbers and the initial surprise had worked in their favor, but once the backup arrived, the outcome was already known.

Eden helped his father sit back and turn to assess the situation.

"Hold out. Once this is all over, we'll evacuate you to inject you with an antidote. "

"What are you talking about? I'm the Alpha, I have to… " He couldn't finish his sentence. A new wave of pain ran through his body making him shiver and sweat profusely. The veins surrounding his neck injury were swollen and blue.

"I can't see the wound with your fur, can you shift?"

"One of his claws stayed inside."

Eden's head snapped to the alpha.

"O-Ok. Stay here. We'll get you back to the cave and fix this asap. "

This time, Silver didn't have the strength to fight back. He let his son walk away and followed him with his eyes. The male omega had the skill of a great fighter. His abilities were all the more evident as he managed to stall his movements, support, and compensate for Dante's weaknesses. One counterbalanced the other's weak points. Something only possible with long hours of training together.

When the last three rogues saw they were cornered, they threw themselves with the energy of desperation on the duo who let them attack. The two teenagers quickly killed them. Out of breath, Eden leaned on Dante who hold him under the shoulder. The alpha couldn't help but smile as he saw them walking over.

What else could he do?

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