1 00.Prologue

Eden was basking in the hot pools. Once will not hurt, he had taken great care of his fur, using his best products to clean it and make it shine. He looked down at the golden coat and a smile appeared on his lips as he saw the reflections of the sun.

Bursts of laughter caught his attention and he turned his head to the group of omegas heckling in the water. The shine of their pristine white coats dispelled his smile and the young werewolf nervously let go off his fur. He grabbed his bath belongings and got up from the rock where he had settled to better capture the heat.

Eden jumped from one stone to stone, and reach the shore. He shook his body to remove water which was still flowing between his fur in large drops. The laughter he heard was immediately followed by whispers that made the omega uncomfortable. Clutching his bathing basket against him, the male omega hurried to leave the hot pools. He walked along the walls of the cave and turned before the meals room and down the hallway that led to his room. He pushed back the curtain to clear his way and walked into the only place he felt comfortable in.

His room was nothing fancy. A bed made of animal skins meticulously cleaned and stacked by colors to create the softest and most beautiful furs, a wooden wardrobe and chest of drawers, shelves crumbling with books telling the stories of his family, the werewolf, and more important the story of his pack, Bloodhood. The oldest and most powerful pack in the country.

He put the basket full of soaps in a corner of the dresser and opened a side of the wardrobe to grab a towel and wipe up the remaining water. He positioned himself in front of the mirror, studying his reflection with a sad pout. As his mood hit rock bottom a hand slammed hard on his back. With a yelp, Eden turned his head to the culprit who had probably just moved one, or even two discs of his spine.

"Dante, what the fuck is your problem? Do you have any idea how much force you have in your hand, you brainless Hulk? ", shooting daggers with his eyes.

"Don't blame me. I was just trying to get rid of all his negative vibes that threatened to overwhelm you."

"Knock it off! Nothing else to do but piss me off? "Eden replied, trying to rub the pain away of his back.

"No, I'm as free as the air. Today is your big day, except for a few of us, spoiling alert I am not part of it, everyone is requisitioned for the banquet. No tour of duty or hunt for me, "said the young werewolf with the light gray fur, dropping onto his friend's bed.

"Big day, my ass! Everyone is waiting for me to screw up. Nobody wants a dark-furred omega." Eden added, mumbling.

"Difference has its charm!" Dante replied, scrutinizing him with one eye. "I'm sure you will find a strong, manly alpha who will choose you to be his mate."

"Yeah, in my dreams. Nobody wants me, you know it, I know it, everybody knows it. "

Dante stared at the omega who opened the wardrobe to grab some clothes and shifted before getting dressed.

"Your father is going to be mad if you walk into the banquet in your human form."

"Yeah, well it's better than coming in and being judged by the whole hall as a lost cause, just because I'm not the average omega."

Dante bit his tongue and didn't reply this time. He knew that no matter what he said, Eden wouldn't hear him. The young man stuck his head through the v-neck of a black cotton t-shirt. He was grabbing a boxer when Dante disturbed him again.

"Usually, isn't it the boxer first? I mean... It's just a matter of not showing off your. You know... Everything?"

"Get lost!" Eden said with a murderous look.

Surrender to his friend's mood, the young beta left the room leaving Eden to his preparations. The Omega searched in the wardrobe and his face lit up when he found what he was looking for. He pulled out a pair of beige chinos pants and pulled them on. The garment hugged his buttocks and his waist perfectly. Eden tucked the t-shirt inside the pants and completed his outfit with a simple silver square buckle belt. Satisfied with his look, he lifted his eyes to his face in the mirror.

His skin glowed with good health, the result of his bath, and the extra care he had taken to his appearance for the day's event. His long blonde lashes fluttered as he checked for dust or creases in his clothes. The male omega then brought his face up to the mirror. He detailed his features and smiled. Yeah. That way he was confident.

If his appearance as a werewolf was Eden's great complex, the blond had nothing to be ashamed of his human form. Although a little taller than the other omegas, he had a firm, slender body where muscles were discreetly drawn, which gave him a charm and sensuality he learned to master years ago. A long, straight nose planted in the middle of his perfectly symmetrical face with an almost unreal androgynous beauty. Angelic blonde curls framed his face and his delicate features were as beautiful as any ephebe. As a human Eden caused many heads to turn around as he walked. He pursed his peachy pink lips and slightly slammed his cheeks to accentuate their color and muster his courage.

No matter what would happen, tonight he was going to find an alpha! The future of Bloodhood depended on it.

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