Wolf Slave Assassin

Eliana They couldn’t just turn a ten years of me training as an assassin into a slave! My brother sold me as a slave after everything I did for him to inherit the Alpha title. But guess who was the one supposed to be my master? The little brother of my first love. The brother of my first and last man I ever loved in my life. It was so twisted that when I finally saw that man, I was afraid I would lose all of my senses. But yet, the girl ten years ago died and became a killer machine like a nightmare. Don’t worry, I will seek my revenge and be hope I will not destroy myself in the process. Conrand, My Brother had the audacity to bring the girl into our pack turf. Slave or not, the first time I saw her again, I was losing my mind. Only that she was different from ten years ago. More mature and strong. She was so enchanting that even though I knew the truth of her family crimes, I always on her side at the end. And when the secret will be revealed, I hope she braced enough to know everything. ___________________ Eliana was an orphan at the age of fifteen. Her parents died due to a sudden avalanche in that winter time. It happened abruptly without warning and took not only her parents’ life. It destroyed her village and forced her pack to move out. She was clearly remembered right before her mother's death, she asked her to help her younger brother, who was just at the age of eight when that incident happened. Her last wish was that for Aibek to become an Alpha. But the law of the pack said different. Her only uncle was the only man who could inherit the Alpha title. Fortunately for her, he didn’t have a direct descendant with his Luna. And an illegitimate child was not allowed to become an Alpha. Still, she didn’t know what would happen in the future. Her only hope was for her uncle to take her brother in. And just like that, the years of her misery started. She was at her uncle's convenience, trained as an assassin to hunt down his enemy. She willingly bartered her soul to make her brother the Alpha in the future, just like what her mother last wished. But turned out the reality was more bitter than it seemed. Her brother sold her as a slave right after he became an Alpha on his coming age of ceremony. But for Eliana, she would not be cower for the man. The hardship she felt as a slave, was nothing compared to her training as an assassin. ___________________________________________ This writing is participated in CUPIDS QUILL March 2024, any comment, review, or rating will be much appreciated :) please add to your collection if you like the story

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Chapter 31 - If She Didn’t Run, All Of This Won’t Happen.

We've finally arrived at our manor. I carried Eliana inside, though one of my men offered to help me carry her. I was about to snap at him when his hand got near to her.  

"Go back to your post!" Ulson said to that guard before I lash on him. He was there at the front door, waiting for our return. His expression showed how glad he was that I'd finally bring Eliana back. He might have been able to lower his level of worry for his Boss to go berserk again. 

That's how wrecked I was without her. Never again. 

"Call Angela!" I ordered. 

I climbed the stairs, directly went to her room. I put her on the bed and asked one of the maids to change her clothes and clean her. Minutes later, Angela rushed into the room, giving Eliana a check up straight away.

"What happened?" She asked. 

"We fell. And.." I cleared my throat, "I kinda hit her neck to make her sleep."