Wizarding world: Arc of Embodiment {Multiverse} Book

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Wizarding world: Arc of Embodiment {Multiverse}


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After death Arjun's soul was in rebirth cycle but higher being brought to his domain and introduced himself as R.O.B. or you can say Random omnipotent being. He gave Arjun gave deal of Reincarnation. Arjun accepted and Reincarnated in harry Potter world with some wishes.... extra Tags: #Multiverse #romance #may be harem #marvel #movies #I am new Author, I tried to write some fanfiction stories before but left in middle. so sorry if you were reader of my past stories. # main point is that if you like my story please! please! give review to my story, rate the story and donate some power stone....... Its really inspire us Author to write, It will be really good if even 1 percent readers review the story..... AND i AM NOT FORCING YOU, ONLY REVIEW IF YOU LIKE THE STORY BUT PLEASE REVIEW SO I CAN KEEP WRITING WITH PASSION....... # I am not good with Romance but I will try it and I don't know if story will have harem or not... # I don't own harry Potter or any other fictional work I will use in future, only mc and some OC characters are created by me... # I also don't own picture used for novel, if owner of picture has problem, i will remove it...


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