49 The Prankster Of Brynhildr Academy

The next day the members of Dud Manor went fishing.

This was one of the few recreational activities that they could do at their camp, which was very close to a brook.

To everyone’s surprise, Ethan, and Chloe were the two people that caught a lot more than the others. Of course, this contributed to their many years of experience in fishing whenever they went out camping with the young man's Grandfather every summer.

As they busied themselves with cleaning the fishes and putting them on skewers to be barbecued they talked about the latest news in the magical world.

No one mentioned Koko's arrival at their camp last night because they were afraid that the White-Haired Gorilla was within the vicinity, and was silently listening to their chat.

“The Asta Family is composed of many talented Magic Knights,” Noah stated. “If I remember correctly, Nicole’s father was also a very famous Magistratus when he was still on active duty.”


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