131 I Have The Authority

Ethan Gremory.

That was his name.

The First Year who came to Dud Manor at the start of the school year.

In the beginning, no one thought highly of him as Wizards and Witches were innately prejudiced against magically crippled people.

In their eyes, a person’s worth was directly proportionate to how strong their magical powers were.

Simply put, in their eyes, a Dud was not as valuable as the shoes they wear on a daily basis.

Even so, it didn’t take long for everyone to take notice of the handsome young man, who had accomplished one unbelievable feat after the other.

The first time was when he defeated Langston Kerr in a duel.

During that fight, he conjured something that many Wizards and Witches, who strived to reach the pinnacle of magic, had dreamed of casting.

That was none other than a Resonance.

Although Ethan only managed to do a Partial Resonance, that was enough to make his name spread in the inner circles within the academy.


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