Wizard Of Douluo Continent

Travel through the legend of the Dragon King and become the legend of the wizard. ......... If you like Tang Wulin, Tang San or Huo Yuhao than this novel is not for you. Heroine Gu Yuena ........... It is a translation from a novel by Serious Bard 斗罗世界的巫师 .................. Early access of 25 Chapter Translation:-patreon.com/Astridira

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Spirit Ascension Plateform

Wu Zhangkong strolled into the classroom on his lithe legs, casting a quick glance over the students already present. Without preamble, he uttered a succinct directive, "Today, head to the Spirit Pagoda."

Leaving no room for questions, he turned and exited, leaving the students to share knowing glances before promptly following suit.

En route, Wu Zhangkong commenced his explanation, "Starting today, you'll have a weekly opportunity to venture into the Spirit Pagoda and the Spirit Ascension Platform for practice. The academy has allocated funds for your endeavors. Make the most of this chance."

Wang Jinxi, Zhang Yangzi, and Xie Xie wore expressions of surprise. Among them, Xie Xie commended, "The academy's generosity exceeds expectations. Class zero admission truly pays off."

Tang Wulin, looking bewildered, inquired quietly, "What's the Spirit Ascension Platform?"

Xie Xie, appearing incredulous, retorted, "You're not aware of the Spirit Ascension Platform?"

Tang Wulin nudged Xie Xie, urging, "Spill the details."

Xie Xie began, "Spirit Pagodas dot the entire continent, but there are only eighteen Spirit Ascending Platforms, mostly in major cities. The Spirit Ascension Platform is like another realm housing various virtual worlds with soul beasts."

"The Spirit Ascension Platform originated as an experiment to study souls. Although the aim was to enhance artificial souls, the results were only partially successful. While it did age the soul, its impact on soul level was uncertain."

"To salvage the situation, the Spirit Pagoda modified the platform, transforming it into a training ground for soul masters. When inside, soul masters are shielded, minimizing danger. Besides aging the soul, its crucial role for us is combat. It serves as a battlefield against soul beasts, enhancing combat experience."

Tang Wulin nodded, probing further until he grasped the essence of the Spirit Ascension Platform.

Shortly after, the group trailed Wu Zhangkong to the imposing Spirit Pagoda. As one of the eighteen towers gracing the mainland, Eastsea City's Spirit Pagoda dwarfed the four-story structures found in smaller cities like Glorybound City.

The towering edifice, a hundred stories soaring above, commanded attention from afar, its grandeur palpable even at a distance.

Long Hengxu awaited at the gate, a clear indication of the academy's meticulous arrangements. As he exchanged greetings with Wu Zhangkong, he led the group into the Spirit Pagoda. The floor beneath their feet boasted dark golden stones, colossal stone pillars, and a dome reaching dozens of meters high adorned with magnificent, colorful murals—an awe-inspiring spectacle.

Captivated by the mural above, Wu Zhangkong elucidated, "The Spirit Tower's dome mural recounts the saga of the first-generation Tower Master, the legendary Douluo Spirit Ice Douluo, who valiantly faced the soul beast onslaught. This snippet is just a fragment; when connected, the murals in the eighteen Spirit Pagodas weave a complete tale."

Wu Zhangkong continued, sharing the climax, "The Spirit Tower's headquarters narrates Spirit Ice Douluo's battle against the formidable soul beast god Emperor Tian. Post that clash, Spirit Ice Douluo vanished from reality, and it's rumored he triumphed, as the Beast God Ditian never resurfaced either."

Anping, witnessing such architectural splendor for the first time, couldn't help but gaze in wonder. As Wu Zhangkong proudly narrated to Huo Yuhao, Anping caught a glimpse of Gu Yuena, her brows furrowed, a fleeting hatred flickering in her eyes. Overhearing Xie Xie and Tang Wulin discuss Tang Wutong, Gu Yuena seemed lost in thought, as if recalling something.

"Let's proceed," Long Hengxu interjected, breaking the reverie. "The novelty fades after a few visits. Focus on what truly matters; the Spirit Ascension Platform awaits."

Wu Zhangkong concurred, "Director Long is right. Settle down; the Spirit Ascension Platform is your priority. Once inside, self-reliance is crucial."

Tang Wulin, intrigued, queried, "Teacher Wu, aren't you joining us?"

Wu Zhangkong clarified, "Only soul masters with four rings or below can access the primary Spirit Ascension Platform."

Guided by Long Hengxu and Wu Zhangkong, the group descended in an elevator to an underground space.

Upon stepping out into a spacious hall, Long Hengxu presented a peculiar card to a staff member—an evident invitation. Following the staff's lead, they embarked on another elevator journey, reaching the entrance to the primary Spirit Ascension Platform. A colossal soul guide screen adorned the room, projecting a real-time view of the platform.

Staff dutifully briefed them on platform precautions before pressing a button, revealing a metal cabinet in the wall. Motioning for everyone to lie down within, the adventure into the Spirit Ascension Platform was set to begin.

They reclined, and the instruments' suction cups emerged, adhering firmly to various parts of their bodies.

As the metal cabinet resettled, Anping's vision plunged into darkness. A tingling numbness coursed through him, swiftly replaced by a drowsy embrace.

When his eyes reopened, Anping found himself in a surreal realm. Seating himself, he meticulously assessed his physical state. Initiating the Eye of True Seeing, he discerned nothing amiss. Experimenting with a rudimentary spell, the Eye of Breaking Delusion, the surroundings shifted. Anping mused, "Is this tied to the soul? The body appears as an energy projection."

Deciphering the enigma, Anping delved into a serious introspection of his soul, confirming the persistent link between soul and body. Any drastic fluctuations would swiftly snap him back.

In this ethereal space, entities existed solely as souls and energy, lacking tangible substance.

Long Hengxu, agitatedly pointing at Anping on the screen, exclaimed, "What's Anping doing? He entered, sat down immediately, observed his surroundings, closed his eyes, and started pondering. What were they instructed to do?"

Wu Zhangkong, shaking his head, ventured uncertainly, "Perhaps he stumbled upon something with his mental power?"

Having grasped the spatial dynamics, Anping rose and explored a simulated forest. Confronting soul beasts along the way, Anping noted that upon their demise, they remained composed of energy—yet moved and bled like corporeal beings, lending an uncanny realism.

The Soul Ascension Platform purified souls into potent soul power, absorbed by the individual's soul. This, Anping surmised, lay at the core of soul enhancement.

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