Wizard Of Douluo Continent

Author: Astra_20
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What is Wizard Of Douluo Continent

Read ‘Wizard Of Douluo Continent’ Online for Free, written by the author Astra_20, This book is a Book&Literature Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Travel through the legend of the Dragon King and become the legend of the wizard..........If you like Tang Wulin, Tang S...


Travel through the legend of the Dragon King and become the legend of the wizard. ......... If you like Tang Wulin, Tang San or Huo Yuhao than this novel is not for you. Heroine Gu Yuena ........... It is a translation from a novel by Serious Bard 斗罗世界的巫师 .................. Early access of 25 Chapter Translation:-patreon.com/Astridira

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Please Keep going. I really liked the story. One of the best fin-fic of Soul land. What i enjoyed of this novel is that MC’s exclusive power is introduced. Its really good.


As the TL said, if you like Tang San or nuanced perspectives in general, this novel won't be enjoyable. Tang San isn't just an antagonist here; he's a pure villain and he acts like it. There's no fairness, necessity, or the like. Wulin's character is also nasty here. He's not the super nice kid that existed in the main story. He's just a lustful antagonist who wants to take the heroine against her will with his dad's forceful hand. Outside of that, it's a power trip story for the MC.


whats the raws original name?


don't stop no matter what ok? it's really good


Overall, I really like it, so I decided to review it to help the ratings a bit, it deserves more popularity. The story is fun, the magic system is cool and powerful without being absurd; it's a bit vague but still cool. I also enjoy stories that slap Tang San, the micromanaging psychopath, so this is a plus too. Writing Quality: it's pretty good. It's a translation of course, so you can't expect masterpieces, but it's perfectly understandable with little to no mistakes. My only complaint is that chapters are a bit short, but it's not the translator's fault. Stability of Updates: it seems like 2 chapters daily, at the time of writing this, which is a good update frequency. Story Development: It's interesting, follows roughly the main plot points of DD3, but that's to be expected. MC snatches Tang Wulin's opportunities and has some of his own, and I like the direction where the story is going. Character Design: MC is rather boring at the start, and he feels like an old man. But while he doesn't like to fight, he has plenty of spine and is decisive. The storytime, when he takes advantage of his metaknowledge, is fun whenever it happens, and his teatime habit is fun too. I also really like his relationship with the female lead, they are equal partners and good friends, and while they are a couple now, and they're close, I wish there was some more romance there though. I was hoping for more sweetness, you know? The canon characters are accurate enough, and don't seem 2-dimensional. You end up caring for the protagonist's team. The antagonists also are proper characters, even if there isn't that much tension, since you know MC is going to win somehow. But that's good too. World Background: It's Douluo Dalu 3 fanfiction, there's not much place for error if you follow the story. Whatever changes from the plot make sense when you count them as butterflies set forth by MC.


one of the best Soul land/Douluo dalu fanfic i have read. pretty good translation too. so give it a shot and read. Keep up the good work 👍👍👍👍


really like the the MC and yuena are the main ship, its good that it isnt harem :D the updates and nice and fast and although the translation is abit of in some places it not to bad. Would rec for anyone who like doulou fanfics :)


A pure masterpiece 👌🏾 please keep up the good work,,, my expectations are high for this one


Reveal spoiler


kinda good translation keep up the good work bro


For now as i am writing this review there is 22chapters so there could be some changes later on. I really like the mc for him not being brain dead and like an realistic person he is Afraid to die, lets be real if any person ever died once the reaction wouldnt,"oh i had died now i am not afraid to die and do this and that easily" , he is not looking for trouble all the time, and his magic doesnt go against the cultivation system(its just he can do more things without needing an soul ring) he is able to do both and not just focusing on just magic(even if the soul level increas as a side effect) and we have lovely gu yue and dont worry they just dont randomly fall in love with mc. The grammer is quite good(its not my first language but i dont see any mistakes)


As far as I have read it’s good and will look forward to more in the future. Its more of a 4 than a 5 but its a translation and its new so i hope a 5 will help


good. let's take benefit of yuehen yuhei the dark seed possessed either she herself ask for help from miracle city to extract her dark angel foreign bloodline so she focus and develop her titan bloodline or let her beg or notice her to join with truth about her mother sacrifice. by absorbing demon world origin energy miracle city or dragon valleys develops quickly.


- Do you believe in miracles? - I am a wizard, it's my job to believe in them! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : )


Hands down one of the best DD3 fanfic that I've ever read. Holy molly. Not only the characters' reactions are so realistic and lore accurate, but the political aspect of the fanfic is also one of the best I've ever experienced in a shounen-verse-like settings like DxD or Naruto. It is quite similar in both quality and vibe like 'DxD devils & artefact', 'Holy chronicles of Bathor', and 'Arcane: Champion witness system' fanfic. Those three are what I considered to be high quality webnovels with similar vibe as this one. Not to mention the MC is on the opposing side of the Tang family in DD3. Coupled with above average and consistent writing for over 400 chapters, you are practically guaranteed for a memorable and enjoyable ride.




pretty fun read




The translation is quite good, so far at 55 chap no big mistakes occur and just tiny mistakes are made


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