44 Third Novel

Hey guys,

This is your author Mark Ward, thanks for all the support we reached goal three on Pa/ treon a while back so The Dragon Awakened which is a Got/Asoif fanfic that follows Jon Snow will start being publicly released next week. So stay tune until then.

Anyways since that is done and said, it time for me to get started on my third novel and I got a bunch of ideas.

So here I am giving you guys the full privilege to decide what I should begin writing next.

First choice avatar, will be following Magnus a water bender from the northern tribe who is the son of the chief, so he is Yue older brother and crown prince. Will there be wincest... who knows. Main love interest Katara. Expect there to be kingdom-building since the MC is from modern earth, plus new bending besides water, ice and blood.

Second is my hero, will be following Michael who has light based quirk and angel wings. Basically as real life as an angel could get. He will be in class 1-B which gets no love. No one can stop me from writing a purely smut story as you can expect rated R scenes with each chapter. Will be Op, so if you don't like don't vote for it.

Third is Star wars, will be following Anakin Skywalker and this is an idea I had for a while, why didn't he win that day, he was the chosen one and should have massive power. So here is a fanfic where he did, I won't be making him a whining little ass but a true sith lord manipulative, lustful, evil, cold, smart, scheming, and all that stuff.

Fouth is greek myth, which will follow one of the big four, Melanthios god of nature and the land. There will be a bit of percy jackson crossover, but my main focus will be the greek myth and I might throw in other pantheons.

Last is the wheel of time, I have been reading the wheel of time lately and I got inspired with this idea. As you know channelers numbers are going down with female channelers rarely reproducing. With the arrival of the Dragon reborn though, he can solve that problem!


So that's all the selections, I will have more of these in the future, plus once we reach goal 7 on Pa/ treon there will be, its fun to share these crazy ideas that build up in my mind. And I already got a whole list, plus I will add some original works in the next vote.

Anyway, each person has one vote, I will tally them up next week and tell you the results. Once again please pick only one, none of I want those two or three. I will not consider them as valid votes.

If you want to make my life easier just make a paragraph comment next to your choice or say either 1, 2, 3 4, or 5 in the comment section.

1. Avatar

2. My hero

3. Star wars

4. Greek Gods

5. Wheel of time


Just as a reminder please try to donate some power stones so that we can get those Extra Chapters, I can not stress how important the votes cast the first day is. If we don't get a high rank right now, it would be up hill battle to reach those goals.

Thanks and have a good day!

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