1 Full-Dive

<No money? No decent job? Come and dive into the beautiful world inside a game where you have a chance to become a millionaire or a billionaire.

You have no friends? No girlfriend or boyfriend?

That's not a problem! Find your destiny within this game. A super immersive full-dive virtual reality massive multiplayer role-playing game where you can do more than you can in real life.

Has there ever been a time in your life when you wished to have superpowers like a superhero? Or fly in the sky without the need of a flying aircraft?

You don't have to jump on a tall building to experience that because you can do that within this game. Yes, you can do that like a superhero you dreamed of when you were a child!

Or maybe you're the type who loves pets. You can catch all sorts of tamable monsters you see...

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[See you inside the game!]

A young man in front of his monitor reads the ads displayed. Every website he went to, he saw these ads.

His face frowned slightly. "As far as I know, it was launched a month ago, but almost all the servers there are full. This is the first full dive game that can be compared to reality.

Almost all the comments from the players were positive. If there are any bad comments, it's just about the exchange rate of real money and the currency in the game.

Even my friends that I met in my previous online games have already moved to this game. This game is also the reason why I lost my source of income right now. So here I am, wondering what to do to pay the rent this coming end of the month."

The only thing he felt bitter about, was because there were no announcements before they shut down the game he was playing.

*Sigh! *

Due to its sudden shutdown, he was not able to make money on his expensive items there. Moreover, a day before the game was shut down, he bought an expensive item that cost 200 yobas (Whereas 1 yoba is equivalent to 1 dollar). It increased his character's CP (Character Power) and put him at the top of the ranking. However, the next morning, he found out that he could no longer log in to that game.

Just think of what it caused him. He burst into tears when he found out that the game he invested so much time and effort into had shut down without a warning. He had been mentally depressed for a whole month after that.

He later discovered that the Full-Dive VRMMORPG was the caused for his grief. Almost all the old games had shut down successively because of this game.

The reason for their shutdown was because they had run out of players. Almost everyday thousands of players stop playing their former games. Most of the well-known players had already moved into this full-dive.

He also found out that some of the well-known game developers had already partnered with the developer of the full-dive game. So many of the old games had closed.

Many players were unhappy with the sudden shutdown of their respective games.

"Of course, I'm one of them. Those who have the money to buy expensive Advance Neuralink Device just don't care about losing what they used to play because they enjoy this new game even more. Now they are also one of those who gave a positive review to this full-dive game."

*Sigh! *

Ranz couldn't stop himself from sighing. As an ordinary person who makes money through his previous online games, its shutdown was a big loss to him.

He lost his livelihood.

Whether he wanted to play this full-dive or not, he didn't have enough money to buy a set of Advance Neuralink Device. Without it, it was impossible for him to play.

Even if he had to work a full year in construction, his income would not be enough to afford it. In addition, because he was still studying, there was only a limited amount of work that he could do.

Even now he was still upset about the loss of his source of income. He could hardly sleep every night thinking about what he would do to solve his money problem.

Even if he applied to be a macho dancer in a club, it was impossible for him to be accepted because he was still underage. More on that, his body was thin, so not suitable for monetization!

Maybe he'll just join a group of thieves or holdappers, or even sell dr*gs. Ranz shook his head and said, "Nevermind, I don't want to be imprisoned or die early. I prefer a legal job."

Perhaps it was because of depression and stress, so his mind could not think reasonably. He still couldn't move on from the shutdown of the game he played.

During this time, 2131 of the Modernous calendar, high-school students like him need to be independent. They need to learn how to make money by themselves without relying on their parents. That's why losing that game was a big deal to him.


Ranz tried to find available jobs on various sites— jobs that were legal and appropriate for his age. After an hour of surfing the internet, he gave up. He could find nothing. Too many people need work. Add to that the limit of the jobs he could apply for.

Even finding part-time jobs wasn't easy. That's why most people just play games because apart from enjoying them, they would also earn money. They could earn a lot of money depending on how good a player was.

After turning off the monitor, Ranz reached for his smartphone next to the mousepad. He saw that it was turned off. He remembers that he turned it off earlier to save battery.

Anyway, he turned it on again.

While waiting for it to open completely, he first went to the bed and slowly lay down his tired body. Well, he wasn't actually tired, but anyway, that was how he felt.

His left arm rested on his forehead as his eyes stared at the old ceiling of the rented room. His right hand rested on his chest while holding his smartphone in his hand.

In his mind, he was still bothered. If he could not find a new source of income, he might be forced to stop studying this year. His family was not rich. They could not give him financial help.

Or maybe he'll just move to a public school. But it would ruin his scholarship in his current school and the benefits he might get after graduation. It was an elite school. The chance of getting a better job was very high if he graduated from it.

Thanks to his slightly better academic skills, he was able to get a scholarship slot.

It was not easy to be among the scholars of his school. He did a lot of preparation and suffered a lot of sleep deprivation just to pass the exams. So, after becoming one of them, he vowed not to waste the chance. His view remains the same even this time.

However, if he got to the point where he found no way to earn an income, whether he liked it or not, there was a high chance that he would drop out of his studies.

But he could still avoid dropping out of school if he could play the full-dive game. But the question is, how? How can he buy a set of Advance Neuralink Device?

Ranz closed his eyes. It was late at night, and he would get up early tomorrow because he still had to go to school.

But, less than ten seconds after he closed his eyes, his smartphone rang.


Ranz slowly opened his eyes. He was sleepy so he was hesitant to check what it was. He was in no hurry when he reached for his smartphone which rested on his chest.

He was not excited to look at the message because apart from his family, there was no one else who could message him.

Not because he doesn't have friends. But because his friends rarely message him.

Regardless, based on the notification sound, it's not a call or text message. That was a notification from his chatting app. Looks like someone sent him a private message there.

After Ranz read it, his eyes suddenly widened, and he jumped on his bed.


"Co-co-compensation?! They will provide a set of Advance Neuralink Device as compensation!?"

Ranz couldn't help himself and shouted as he re-read what was written in the message.

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