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Within The Full-Dive Game


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[VIDEO GAME NOVEL. MC DOING QUEST, GAINING LEVEL, FIGHTING MOBS AND BOSSES, COLLECTING ITEMS, CRAFTING EQUIPMENT, RAISING FAMILIARS AND MOUNTS, ADVENTURING, PVP, PK, GUILD and etc.] *This novel is pure entertainment only.* Ranz our protagonist was shocked one day when he could no longer log in to his online game he was playing. The day before it shut down, he even bought an expensive item just to be among the top players. But it was wasted due to its sudden shutdown. It hurt him and he felt depressed for a month. In his research, he found out that a full dive game was the reason of his game’s shutdown. It was the first successful fulldive virtual reality game in the world. To not waste his scholarship in the elite high school he was attending, he needed a new source of income, and only in this Fulldive game that he saw potential of earning due to some reasons. However, the problem is… whether he likes to play this fulldive game or not, he doesn’t have enough money to buy the device. While he was upset and faced with the money problem, Ranz tiredly laid his body on the bed. He was holding his old smartphone in his hand. In an unexpected turn of events, his smartphone rang. A friend from his previous game messaged him. It’s from NightBee, his mysterious friend in the game, who was always there every time he needs a tandem. NightBee's message contains a link. When Ranz clicked it, he was taken to the official page of his previous game. He saw a post that says they will be giving away free set of the new fulldive device as compensation. He immediately complied with the proposals to receive a free set of new Neuralink Gears. About a month later, he finally received the long-awaited device. He immediately dived into the game! However, just a few hours since he logged in to the game he became a wanted criminal, with a bounty of 100,000 crownies, to one of the strongest guild in the server. In that same day as well, a series of events happened that boost his level to an unimaginable degree.


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