12 Chapter twelve

Kayden sighed adjusting the tie around his neck while looking at his reflection in the full-length mirror. Done with that, he picked up the Silver ash wristwatch on the dressing table putting it around his wrist, now he was fully ready for work.

A soft knock on the door filled the room and he said loud come in before picking up his suit jacket from the bed. The door creaked open and a man wearing a black suit stepped in.

" Morning sir, the car is ready for you to go ". He informed.

" hmm ". Kayden hummed. " I'll be right there ".

" Okay, sir ". The man bows and leaves his room.

Kayden puts on his jacket connecting the buttons before picking up his phone and leaving the room but instead of heading to the stairs, he heads towards Everett's room. He knew he probably won't be awake by this time but he just wanted to see him before he leaves.

He quietly opened the door and entered the room. The lights were on as last night Everette wanted to sleep with them on. He walked to the bed and crouched down looking at Everett's sleeping figure. He looked so peaceful.

Kayden's attention immediately went to the two white ears sticking out of his hair. He guessed that's one little detail he had forgotten about Everette, he's an Omega and Omegas sometimes can't hide their appearance, their ears, their teeth, sometimes they can't hide them. He didn't mind the ears because to him, it just made Everette even cuter.

Kayden sighs then brushes his hand through Everett's silver hair.

What are you doing to me? He mentally asked.

Immediately Everette began to stir in his sleep his eyes flutter open, surprised at first but then a smile begin to play on his lips but it immediately turns into a frown noticing that Kayden is all dressed up.

"You're leaving already? ". He asks with a sad pout and his ears which were previously standing, fall.

" Hmm ". Kayden hummed nodding. " I have to get to work ".

Everette shakes his head and holds Kayden's hand.

" Please have breakfast with Everette ".

Kayden sighed feeling guilty that he has to disappoint his little Omega.

" I'm sorry Everette but I can't but I promise I'll come back in time then we can have dinner together ".

And with that, the smile returns, and he immediately sits up on his bed.

" Really? you'll come back in time then we'll have dinner together ".

Kayden nodded in reply. " I'll be back early but you have to do something for me ".

" What's that? ". Everette asks tilting his head to the side.

" Make sure you have your breakfast and take your medicines, will you do that? ".

" Okay, I will ".

Kayden smiles and then stands up. He then ruffles his hair.

" That's good, I have to go now but make sure you do exactly what I told you okay, I'll see you this evening okay? ".

" Okay ".

Kayden ruffles his hair one more time before turning and leaving the room.

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