With The Power Fictional Mimicry

Dean woke up one day and found out he had the power Fictional Mimicry. He could copy skills, powers and abilities from fictional characters! With possible infinite powers at his disposal, how is he going to change everything around him?

VictorK_Fresh · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
12 Chs


"Guess plans change," Dean said to himself as he looked at his newly issued apartment. "But at least the view is great."

He had decided to take the safest route and accepted the old man's offer. The man had opened a portal to this place and nonchalantly given him an apartment key before opening a portal to said place. He then told him to hang tight before he would be fetched by someone and taken to the Committee who would then discuss what to do with him. He had agreed to do so but he knew he had no choice. The old man had proved to be trigger happy and Dean didn't want to fight someone that might hurl galaxies at him so he just played along.

Now, he was looking up at the skies noticing how everything was different. For starters, he was looking at three moons. One of them was breaking apart, no doubt due to a powerful Meta. He could just imagine what had happened to leave the satellite ravaged to that extent. He figured that they did not make it new using their Metas because they wanted it to be a memorial of some sort. But, they had probably used gravity meta powers to make sure the fragments do not crash, making it look like it was suspended in the final act of its destruction.

Another thing was that this place was very futuristic. The trains were using suspension electromagnetic propulsion to get by and boy were they fast. Cars were using anti gravity engines to fly while those on the ground were using another kind of energy he didn't know but was looking forward to getting intimate with it. Instead of electromagnetic waves being used in communications, they were using infrared communications, which was wild for it was being used on mass.

Another thing and the main reason he was staring out of the window at the moment was seeing that aliens are quite a lot in the Meta world. At the moment, he was watching a green skeened total bombshell of a girl was changing without having her curtains drawned. She had a toned body, yet not appalling at all. She looked like a human who had painted herself green if not for her three boobs, arousing little Dean at attention.

"I think I might like living here," he chuckled to himself before quickly ducking away when the alien suddenly looked his direction. Peeking out, he saw she had drawn her curtain and sighed in disappointment. He drew his own curtains and turned his attention to his apartment.

"Turn on TV," he said and a wall suddenly turned to a television with thousands of channels being displayed. He looked through them all and chose an all news one.

"Today marks the thirtieth anniversary since the Ruthenian Empire has signed a peace treaty with Earth. President Dani Bones has issued a public statement regarding this," a male reporter stated. The screen panned to a woman dressed in an official suit and behind her was something that looked eerily like the White House. He frowned as his mind drew conclusions to why this uncanny remblance.

"I really need to ensure my safety," he said as he sat down. He peruse the various channels on here and realized this place did not have the entertainment Earth had. What could be qualified as entertainment was a battle simulator in VR where opponents battle each other with their powers, digitalized. In fact, the game was so widespread it actually was made into a national sport! There were movies but most of them were similar to Star Trek in their space exploration theme. There were documentaries too but they were about alien life in other planets.

"Here comes my favorite part," Dean chuckled as he connected to his main power, Fictional Mimicry. He had thought about updating his current sets with three more powers and the time had come. First, he decided to get Doomsday's powers. The creatures ability to adapt to everything it is killed by was very welcome now that he knew reality warpers were a thing.

The next one to get was one that was making him shiver in excitement. Kryptonian physiology and not just any Kryptonian but Superboy Prime. His powerset were everything Superman could do but dailed up to a ten.

The last of the set was one that he guessed would compliment the Kryptonian physiology very well. Due to how fast Superboy lose his charged energy, he decided to get Sentry's powers. The fact that it would come with matter manipulation was just an added bonus he couldn't pass up. As for experience, he passed up on that.

As for the effect, it was like adding an even more studier foundation to a fortress.

Everything had been exponentially enhanced to a point he felt he could squash his previous self with a thought. He clenched and unclenched his fists, feeling his control getting acclamatised to the new influx of power. He smiled in satisfaction and went to the futuristic bedroom, not before giving the alien babe's window one last look. He was tempted to use his x-ray vision to look inside but shook his head, admonishing himself.



Dean looked the walls and saw a fidgeting pink skinned woman outside his door. He knew she was the one he was expecting so he got out of bed, his pajamas changing into a three piece suit and exquisite leather shoes and went to the door. He opened it just as she was going to knock once again. She flinched back, her eyes mirroring her inner panic.

"Ah, uhm, th...the council is expecting you," she managed to utter.

"Led the way," he answered. She nodded quickly as she turned ger attention to a watch she was wearing. Using a language he wasn't familiar with, she typed onto a hologramic screen and a blue swirling portal opened behind her. She mentioned for him to follow and led the way into the portal.

'It slipped my mind but I need to have a way to communicate seamlessly,' Dean thought as he connected to Fictional Mimicry and gave the command to obtain Cypher's powers but decided not to get the experience because of time constraints. He then walked into the portal, finding himself in a large hall.

There were thirty six desks, all occupied by aliens and humans a like. They were looking at him with scrunched brows and calculatively as he walked forward. Just as they were staring at him, he stared back, his mind coming with conjectures and plans in case of a conflict. Thus, the two parties were watching each other, leading to an awkward atmosphere. To make it even more weird, Dean noticed the hot three boobed babe standing behind another of her race. She looked at him with a frown as she tried to remember where she had seen him before.

"Ahem, hello," he quickly said, hoping to throw her off the loop. It would be embarrassing to bebouted as a pervert in front of so many people.

"Citizen T-Q12 otherwise known as Dean Masters. Meta ability, unknown. Formerly determined to be a rogue Meta, you are quite lucky the Respected One has taken an interest in you," a man said with irritation.

"Well, thanks, I guess, I like him too. He appears to know how to throw a party," Dean chuckled, scratching the back of his neck.

"You would have gotten along greatly, I gather," a woman spoke up next. Dean felt the lack of name tags was quite criminal here. He wanted to know the identities of the ones who would determine what he would become in this new world.

"It doesn't change the fact he killed one agent and gravely injured five more!" another woman said, angrily.

"In my defense, they didn't identify themselves and we're going for the kill," Dean interjected, making the woman glare at him with hatred.

"You have to forgive them, their little pawns were one of those who you hurt," the calm woman said. She had sexy green eyes so he decided to give her the nickname Sexy Eyes.

"Even with all the trouble we don't know what his powers are," a man interjected. His voice was mechanical and his left eye was a camera. Dean gave him the nickname Cyborg.

"Indeed, we need to know what his Meta abilities are before assigning him a designation," another man agreed.

"I don't think I'm comfortable giving you that," Dean said curtly. He just told them he didn't trust them one bit. Sexy Eyes chuckled together with another man.

"I say we appoint him into a difficult assignment, see how he performs and then give him his designation then," a man with a cold tone enough to freeze over hell spoke up next.

"If he managed to impress the Respected One into not killing him then his Meta power is one not to be trifled with. I don't know about you but I don't want to be enemies with such a person," Sexy Eyes spoke up. Dean heard many of the Committee click in annoyance and glare at her in spite.

"If you are afraid of the Respected One then you should just keeo quiet and let us make the decision," a man with fire for hair snapped at her. Sexy Eyes just shrugged playfully and kept quiet.

"So, what will it be, Dean Masters? Just so you know, either way we will be knowing what your Meta power is," the chilling man spoke up. Dean noticed that the desk he was seated on didn't have a heat signature and new his Meta power was related to coldness

"Before we get to the judging, the old man said you people would fill in on some gaps he had purposefully left," Dean said, lied, with conviction. The committee appeared quite surprised by his outburst.

"What would that be?" Fire Hair asked.

"First, how exactly is it that Meta world and the world of normal humans appear to be the same? Sure, I know the old man created this world to be a shadow world, but having the same language, architecture and even buildings with normals is quite a head scratcher for me." There was silence in the room as everyone was shocked by what he was saying.

"It appears we might have misjudged the Respected One's fondness for you if he revealed that secret to to you. That secret is a very guarded one to the point of even killing anyone outside the Committee and Guardians who even knows an iota of it," a man with eery green eyes spoke up.

"Meta world is supposed to be a front for any invaders. Meta world is twice the size of Jupiter, encompassing Earth to its core where the humans live in a simulated augmented reality engine, in ignorance bliss of the dangers that is out here," another man said.

"So you keep them as pets?" Dean asked with a frown.

"You see it that way because you do not know what is out there. There are aliens that could destroy realities in their sleep, infecting and causing death on a scale the holocaust would appear cute. Humans have little to know defenses in both their minds and bodies to resist such horrors, so the Guardians decided to do this instead,"

Dean could understand their concern; with how fragile humans were, humanity would be destroyed soon enough. So, they decided to build Meta world and use it as a front, protecting humans and letting them live in blissful ignorance while they get to fight and die. It was honorable and quite horrific.

"I can't say I quite agree with you but I can't question something that's been working all this while," Dean said in resignation. "Now, my next question is about two groups he left out: Specialists and Warfarers."

"I'll answer that," Fire Hair said. "Specialists are kind of like explorers. They are composed of Tinkers, Thinkers and Warfarers. They explore the vast universe, making star maps, documenting on new civilizations. Some of them even go into new realities and explore for new colonies.

"Warfarers are what you would call soldiers. They all have powerful Meta powers and are always in threes. They are sent to annihilate anything that is a threat to the Meta world. They listen to no one's commands but Guardians'. In fact, they are the reason Meta world is still the way it is even after all the bad decisions we make,"

Dean was silence for a while before he spoke up, "I am guessing they have the most benefits?"

"Sure. For theirs and their families' safety, the Respected One gives them a pocket space for them to bring their families to live in. Their health insurance is fully covered together with their transport and living in come for their families. They get paid the highest and their tax paid is non existent," Fire Hair said. Sexy Eyes smiled seeing the look in Dean's eyes.

"I can see you already made the decision," she spoke up, making him look at her with narrowed eyes. He had thought he was masking his emotions quite well but it appeared she was sharp on the intake, maybe even an empath?

"But you have to know becoming a Warfare you must pass a very difficult test. Once you fail, you can never think about becoming one ever again. The probability of dying are at ninety nine percent as the previous studies have shown. So, do you think you're ready?"