14 Bath time

However, the senior receptionist was a professional and she quickly recovered from her shock.

She picked up the three cards and gave Lin Fan a slight bow before saying, "Thank you for bringing these back. We will keep them here until the owners come back." After saying this, she took the three cards and put them into a desk behind the counter.

During this time, Lin Fan turned to look around the hall, looking at the people that were glancing in his direction.

As his eyes swept over them, he revealed a faint smile, but there wasn't a single thing that was friendly about this smile.

In fact, by looking at this smile, one would even feel a chill run down their back.

Some of the people with weaker mentalities turned their eyes away. The ones that still looked at Lin Fan all looked at him with a different look.

They no longer looked down on Lin Fan, but rather there was a bit of caution in their eyes now.

Lin Fan didn't mind this as he turned back to the senior receptionist who was by the cabinet that they used to store the money, counting out some coins.

When she finished, she turned back to Lin Fan and placed the coins that she had counted out in a stack, with different kinds of coins in different stacks.

In total, there were twenty gold coins, fifty silver coins, and thirty two copper coins.

This was more than ten times what they had found from the bandits.

Lin Fan couldn't help thinking that being a mercenary really was a profitable business.

But what he didn't know was that this was a special situation all because of the herbs that he had brought in. With the quality of the herbs, the receptionist had even given him more money than listed on mission notice.

This was also considered a kind of compensation since what had happened with those three was partly their fault.

After making sure that Lin Fan had taken all the coins, the senior receptionist leaned in a bit and said, "My name is Tian Tian, you can ask for me by name next time." After saying this, she didn't forget to give Lin Fan a wink.

The receptionist earned bonuses on the missions that they processed for mercenaries and with this herb request, Tian Tian was surely going to earn a nice bonus.

Now that she knew how strong Lin Fan was, she was certain that he would be a rising star and she was trying to win the position of being his personal receptionist early.

Seeing this, Lin Fan couldn't help giving a gulp because he really liked this kind of girl.

This Tian Tian, to put it in a few words, she was a capable mature lady.

She was someone with blond hair, a big chest, and glasses, the perfect combination for a secretary, one of the greatest fantasies that all men had!

[Tian Tian is impressed by your strength. Affection has increased by 10.]

When Lin Fan saw this, he couldn't help giving an even bigger gulp.

If he was able to tame her…

He couldn't help losing himself in his fantasies.

But it was at this time that he felt a pinch from his side.

Turning over he saw that it was Xiao Yue who was pinching his waist and he revealed an awkward smile.

Giving a cough, he then said, "We'll see."

Tian Tian could see what Xiao Yue was doing, but she was confident in her own charm. So she said with a faint smile, "See you next time then."

Lin Fan gave a nod before turning to leave the Mercenary Guild.

As he left, he took Xiao Yue by the hand and she revealed a faint smile as she silently followed behind Lin Fan.

Once they left the Mercenary Guild, Tian Tian's expression changed completely.

It went from the professional smile she had before to a cold expression.

She left the counter to another receptionist before heading into the back.

Going up a set of stairs, she arrived in front of an office, but she didn't go in right away. After giving a knock, she walked in and said, "It seems like there are some people who are getting big heads."

The person inside had been working on some paperwork and was surprised to see Tian Tian come in, but they looked up at her and asked, "What happened?"

Tian Tian gave a sigh before explaining what had happened today with Lin Fan.

By the end of her story, the person sitting there had knitted their brows, but they didn't say anything.

After a moment of silence, the person sitting there said, "Clean it up then, there's no point in keeping idiots in our guild."

Hearing this, Tian Tian revealed a smile and said, "Then I have your permission to do what I want?"

Tian Tian's smile was truly beautiful, but all the person sitting there could feel was a chill running down their back. However, this person was also used to it, so they gave a nod and said, "Do what you need to do."

Tian Tian bowed before saying, "Thank you president."

Then without waiting for an answer, Tian Tian walked out of the room.

The person who had been called a president gave a sigh before saying, "It seems like there's going to be another storm of blood."

The person that was in the room, they were the president of the Mercenary Guild.

After taking care of the matter in the Mercenary Guild, Lin Fan and Xiao Yue didn't head out of the city again.

Their goal for the day had been to earn money and with the money they received from the mission, as well as the money they had found on those three that ambushed them, they had more than enough money for now.

Since that was the case, there was no reason why they couldn't relax for the rest of the day.

After walking around window shopping for a bit, the two of them had a meal before returning to the inn.

Since they had already had a meal, there was nothing else for them to do except get ready for bed since it was already getting late.

This world was an ancient world, so it was a bit lacking in entertainment which was the one thing that Lin Fan complained about.

Since there was nothing else to do, Lin Fan decided to take a bath.

The inn offered private baths and public baths and since Lin Fan wasn't that comfortable showing off his body, he chose to go into a private bath.

As he was relaxing in the bath, thinking about what had happened today, the door to the bathroom suddenly opened.

Lin Fan was surprised by the door suddenly opening, but he was even more surprised when he saw who came in.

It was Xiao Yue and she was wearing only a single bath towel.

Seeing Lin Fan look at her, she didn't turn away, but her face did turn red as she said, "It's embarrassing if you stare like that."

Lin Fan still stared at her in a daze for a bit, but he came back to his senses eventually and turned to the side. His face was already red from soaking in the hot water of the bath, but after seeing Xiao Yue wrapped up in the bath towel, his face was even more red.

After all, he had to admit that she really had a great figure.

Her chest was big, but not too big and she had curves in all the right places. There wasn't a single man who wouldn't be turned on by this scene.

But Lin Fan held back since he knew that he shouldn't be hasty. After all, they had only known each other for two days.

After turning away, Lin Fan took a deep breath before he asked in a stuttering voice, "What, what are you doing here?"

Xiao Yue looked down a bit before saying, "I'm here to wash the young master's back."

Lin Fan couldn't help feeling a rush of excitement when he heard this since this was a famous event back on Earth, but he also didn't want to push it, so he said, "You don't have to do that, I can wash my back myself."

But Xiao Yue came forward and placed her hand on his back as she said, "I don't have to do this, but I want to. Does the young master not want Xiao Yue to help you?"

The moment that Lin Fan heard this, he couldn't stop the blood from rushing to his head. However, he was someone who didn't have any experience and he didn't know what to say in this situation, so he just lowered his head and said, "I do, please help me."

Xiao Yue revealed a smile as she pulled over a stool and patted it before saying, "Then have a seat."

Lin Fan was about to stand up, but then he realized that there was a problem.

Looking down, he realized that he was completely naked, but that was a very easy problem to solve.

He reached to the side and grabbed a towel which he draped over himself, covering his lower half. However, when he did that, there was another problem that appeared.

As a man, it was natural that he would have a response in this situation, but that didn't make it any less embarrassing.

Even if it was covered by the towel, it still hung out straight and lifted the towel up, showing how long it was.

Xiao Yue had been looking at Lin Fan when he came out of the bath and the moment that she saw this, the blush on her face became even more red.

Since she was sitting by the stool, when Lin Fan stood up and turned over, it was placed right in front of her face.

She had never seen these things before, but she was certain that she would never see one that was as big as this…

Lin Fan revealed an awkward look before bringing his hand down to cover it up.

However, before he could, Xiao Yue said, "It's fine, you can just leave it."

Lin Fan was shocked when he heard this as all he could think was, "Eh?!"

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