9 Marriage

"With just one command from you, we can crush the entire imperial court and seize the throne by force from the emperor," he added, his expression disturbingly eager.

"Shibata, leave that for a while and hear me," Majin said as he approached his carriage, just about to enter, "I will get married next week."


"M-My lord, what do you mean by that?" Prime Minister Shibata said in a trembling voice. What did his lord mean he was getting married? Just when the army to crush the imperial court and the empress was ready.

"Hear me out first, Prime Minister," Majin said as he looked at Shibata with his cold eyes before whispering something in his ear, "Get all of our shinobi in the capital city within a week."

Although Shibata didn't understand why Majin was telling him to do this, he just agreed, "As you wish, my lord." If his lord was commanding him to do something, there must be a reason for him to do so, Shibata thought.

....One week later....

In just a week, the news of the Seventh Prince's marriage was already known by everyone in the Demon Empire.

This was because Majin was already too famous here, and secondly, the empress also had many people spread this news and that the Seventh Prince had sworn on his chakra veins to not fight for the throne.

She did this to ensure that Majin could never go back on his words; after all, if he did so, his reputation would be ruined.

Although the empress was a bit doubtful at first about how Majin could change so much, but since he had sworn on his chakra veins, she already felt very relaxed and almost stopped worrying about threats from Majin.

But, what no one noticed was that thousands of shinobi from Majin's faction had entered the capital city in the past week.

Although some noticed the increase in the population of the city, they thought it was because people were coming to the city to watch the Seventh Prince's wedding.

-----One week later-----

In a grand wedding hall, many nobles and even the empress sat watching as a couple dressed in red with black outlines exchanged vows. The colors, emblematic of royalty in the land of demons, adorned Majin and Kushira, marking their union.

Kushira's POV:

"Don't mess this up! Don't mess this up!" I couldn't stop chanting these words in my mind. After all, today was a monumental day—my marriage to the tyrant Seventh Prince.

"My life is going to be ruined if I somehow offend him." I knew my life would be complicated after this marriage, but I desperately needed Majin's power to avenge my clan.

Even if he had given up on the war for the crown, I was certain he still maintained his shinobi army. That would be more than enough to aid me, I hoped.

" But why is this bastard so handsome?" I couldn't help but think as I looked at his nearly perfect face. His allure would be undeniable if only he would smile more.

"Huh? Why did he grab my hand?" I questioned internally as Majin suddenly held my hand and started walking toward where the empress was seated. "Oh! Is it for the blessings?"

In the land of demons, when a member of the imperial clan marries, they must receive blessings from the emperor and drink a glass of wine served by him.

However, since the emperor was ill, the empress would perform the ritual of giving blessings and serving the wine.

"Take this," Majin whispered in my ear, discreetly handing me a dagger, unseen by others due to the robes we both wore.

"Use it to protect yourself," he whispered again. But I was still puzzled about what he meant and why he gave me the dagger.

As I turned towards the empress, I noticed she was holding two glasses of wine with a smile on her face. "She must really like Majin," I thought, feeling that her joy at our marriage seemed genuine.

"The wine is poisoned."

I jolted as Majin's voice echoed in my mind, just two steps away from the empress.

Aghast, I watched as Majin swiftly pulled out a dagger and savagely ripped into the empress's abdomen.

As he did so, scores of shinobis burst into the wedding hall, unleashing chaos. They began to slaughter any nobles not aligned with Majin's faction.

Meanwhile, Majin continued his brutal assault on the empress. He gouged her eyes out, severed her fingers, and even amputated her legs. Despite the gruesome mutilation, she was miraculously still alive.

But what was more horrifying was majin's smile while stabbing the empress, It was almost like he was enjoying it. 

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