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With Gacha For Life


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Never, remember - never visit suspicious sites that offer you an unforgettable adventure along with your digital waifu, which you can choose yourself. Or at least choose one right away, yes. And of course, never choose Marvel Adventures as the world! Otherwise... you may succeed... and you will regret it. I am a Russian author from the Russian site Ficbook, my nickname on Ficbook is S.H.P.I.K. . I post my fanfiction on Webnovel because a thief decided to make some money from my intellectual work. therefore, so that no one else throws my books here and makes money on them, I throw them here myself (somehow it turned out too tautologically, but I conveyed the essence). I took the idea from EvansCannon's creator of Marvel's Meta Essence Gacha, but except for a similar beginning, my fanfiction will be quite different from Meta Essence Gacha.