With A Crippled Spiritual Core, I Become The Boss Of The Cultivation World

# NO SYSTEM Wang Ping, a young lad from a fishing village, accidentally acquired a magical shell that held an independent world within it. He was no exceptional talent but, with the shell, he embarked on an ordinary yet exciting path to achieve immortality. From cultivating spiritual herbs, to nurturing demon beasts, to fostering demon insects, to coalescing spiritual ley lines… With the “Heaven and Earth Shell” in his hand, Wang Ping overcame his physical weakness of having a crippled spiritual core and created his own legend, one step at a time. PS: The title of the novel may sound silly, but the plot is anything but. It is a proper story about a human working hard to achieve success, containing elements of both adventure and farming.

Purple Violet Emperor Of The Middle Heaven · Eastern
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40 Chs

Xiao Feng’s Demonification

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A beam of golden light flashed, instantly entering the Alligator-Tailed Toad's open mouth.

Wang Ping, who didn't even bother to look at the result of his attack, moved straight to the wall behind him and leaped down. Grabbing onto a protruding rock at the top of the wall with both hands, he flipped himself over, landing outside the wall.


Shrill cries of pain were heard from inside the Dragon God Temple, following Wang Ping's departure.

Then, the sound of a wall being smashed rang out one more time.

After a few breaths of time, the Alligator-Tailed Toad smashed the courtyard wall once again. It ran out of Dragon God Temple in hot pursuit of Wang Ping.

But before it could clearly see where the enemy who had injured it had gone, a blue water arrow shot out diagonally, hitting its right eye.

Even a palm-thick metal shield could be pierced by this water arrow, much less a spot as weak as the eye. The Alligator-Tailed Toad's right eye immediately exploded. Blood instantly gushed out like a fountain, forming a pillar of blood.

The Alligator-Tailed Toad's throat had already been sliced by the "Golden Blade" earlier. With this additional wound, it was basically crippled.

Seemingly fearing its death, it was no longer pursuing Wang Ping. It immediately opened its mouth to shout for its spouse, asking for help.

Caw! Caw!

Caw caw caw!

The two Alligator-tailed Toads cried out at one another, despite the fact that they were from hundreds of meters away. The toad fighting the Giant Wolf Xiao Feng immediately gave up on chasing Xiao Feng and rushed back to save its mate.

However, right at this moment, Xiao Feng let out an incredibly domineering howl.


The long wolf howl reverberated throughout the fishing village. Even the villagers who had fled to Old Chicken Mountain could hear it clearly from a few kilometers away

A layer of faint green light appeared over the howling wolf. Under the illumination of this green light, the black on its fur became rather inconspicuous.

If Wang Ping saw this scene, he would definitely be beyond elated.

This was the sign of a demon beast awakening its innate magic.

After fighting with a demon beast like the Alligator-Tailed Toad for a prolonged period of time, Xiao Feng, who was already on the verge of awakening his innate magic, finally took that crucial step forward and awakened.

The Giant Wolf's green-lit figure moved and dashed behind the Alligator-tailed Toad. With a leap, it landed on the back of the toad.


The green light on Xiao Feng's claws flashed. In an instant, it had torn the toad's thick wrinkled skin open, creating a deep, bloody gash.

Then, before the toad's tail could snap back up, Xiao Feng jumped and appeared in front of the toad.


Seeing the Giant Wolf appearing in front of it, it immediately spat out its long tongue to attack.

However, what it didn't expect was that Xiao Feng, as though it had eyes on its back, would swing its tail —with fur akin to needles of steel— striking the toad's long tongue.

This time, it had gone out for wool, only to come back shorn. Like it had been pierced by a row of steel needles, the blood from the toad's tongue splattered all over the ground. In deep pain, it cried out loud. "Caw, caw!"

Meanwhile, Xiao Feng quickly turned around, spitting out a light green wind blade at the screaming Alligator-tailed Toad.

The speed of the blade was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, it landed right on the Alligator-tailed Toad's nose, tearing open a bloody, foot-long wound.

This time, the Alligator-tailed Toad wailed even louder in pain, angrily spitting out another dark green water arrow at Xiao Feng.

Unfortunately for the toad, after awakening its innate magic, Xiao Feng's reaction speed became much faster than before. It dodged the water arrow with ease before pouncing on the toad.

As such, not only was the toad unable to assist its spouse, it had also gotten itself in grave danger.

On the other end, the other Alligator-Tailed Toad had been waiting for its spouse to come to its rescue. With one of its eyes lost and its throat injured, it no longer posed a threat to Wang Ping.

After some testing, Wang Ping found that the toad's condition was indeed greatly weakened, and it no longer had any other tricks up its sleeve. As such, he took the initiative to launch his counterattack.

This time, he still chose the "Golden Blade" as his main attack. Taking advantage of the fact that the Alligator-tailed Toad had lost its blind right eye and its ability to do long-range attacks, he jumped onto a nearby house to cast a spell.

The fluctuating magic caused by the spellcasting soon attracted the attention of the Alligator-Tailed Toad. Turning around and finding Wang Ping's figure, it immediately jumped and attempted to knock the house down.

However, just as it arrived at the house, it was slashed by the golden blade of light that had been conjured by and had condensed in front of Wang Ping. In an instant, its back was torn open with another foot-long gash.

Just like before, after his successful attack, Wang Ping did not even bother looking at the results. He immediately jumped off the roof to create some space.

Whenever the Alligator-Tailed Toad wanted to stop to rest and recuperate, he would cast his spells from afar to attack.

After about an hour, the Alligator-Tailed Toad finally collapsed on the ground due to excessive blood loss. The final countdown of its life began.

However, Wang Ping was not having it easy either.

His cultivation was at the third level of the Qi Refinement Stage, so he didn't have much Dharma power, to begin with. Although he had spent most of the time the past hour using his physical strength, the offensive spells he had been casting, as well as support spells like the "Light Body Technique" and" Heaven's Eye" that he had been maintaining, nearly emptied 80% of his power.

He couldn't care less about whether the Alligator-Tailed Toad was dead. He gritted his teeth and clutched himself as he rushed toward the other battlefield.

He had to see what was happening on Xiao Feng's side.

By the time Wang Ping arrived at the other battlefield, the battle there was also reaching its conclusion.

Under Xiao Feng's attacks, who had awakened its innate spell, the Alligator-Tailed Toad's body was torn apart by its wolf claws and wind blades. It had also lost too much blood, falling into an extremely weakened state.

Not long after Wang Ping arrived, Xiao Feng had already flipped the toad over on its back. He spat out a wind blade in near proximity to cut its stomach open. Then, he extended his claws, digging the toad's organs out.

No matter how strong the demon beast's vitality was, it could not withstand such damage.

The Alligator-Tailed Toad stomped its four limbs one last time before soon losing its life.

Clap, clap, clap!

Seeing this, Wang Ping couldn't help but throw a round of applause.

The moment he saw Xiao Feng's wind blade, he understood what happened.

A rush of genuine, wholehearted joy appeared on his face. He was extremely happy and excited.

When the battle came to an end, he couldn't help but cheer for Xiao Feng's clean and efficient attack he rushed toward Xiao Feng in joy. The Giant Wolf was also charging at him and he hugged it as they met.

"Good, good. Xiao Feng, you've finally awakened your innate magic. You've really made me proud this time. My love and care for you all these years was not in vain —I've fed you so much demon beast meat!"

Wang Ping opened his arms and pulled the wolf's head into a tight embrace, caressing its forehead with his palms. His face was filled with pure joy.

After several years of painstaking cultivation, he had finally reaped his rewards today. How could he not be overjoyed?

While Xiao Feng might not understand Wang Ping's words, it could feel its master's joy.

Having just completed its first hunt after the awakening, it was also extremely satisfied and happy. It stuck out its tongue and licked Wang Ping's face to express its glee.

The man and the wolf expressed their joy in their own unique ways, completely unaffected by the Alligator-Tailed toad's corpses lying in a pool of blood on the ground.