Witches Curse and Fatherless Child Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Witches Curse and Fatherless Child


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Should one reverse the past? Prevent the pain, the betrayal, and a broken heart that will never mend? I can't. That's what someone told me, anyway. But don't underestimate me. I will have my second chance. And you will get the ending I never will. A happy one. Mara is a witch with painful memories that wants to spend her life living quietly with Sy. Sy is a curious tinker who wants to see the world and meet people. But more than anything, Sy wants to know who her father is. It's a question that Mara can't answer, and she needs to drink a mysterious potion to reverse a spell's effect. A spell that will only grow stronger the older Sy gets. Mara has to hide the truth until the time comes to reveal everything. But will there be a chance before Sy discovers something from Mara's past that sets her out to find the truth? Meanwhile, the king summons all witches to come to the kingdom under penalty. If Mara is caught, it means going to Greenhouse, a prison for magic folk. And who is this strange boy with purple and a Sundry accent out of nowhere? And how does he already know who Sy and Mara are?