157 White Harbor

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If Celia were to be judged by one word, Heath would choose: Green.

Having never been in this field before, she was rather clumsy. She didn't know how to grind, how to kiss, or how to entangle... Her experience in this field was practically a blank.

But that was the most alluring thing about her.

A casual touch could make her whole body tense, a little teasing could make her overrun, and her whole body was tense when he entered. The enjoyment after entering the state and the deliberately repressed breath... All of these aroused the man's desire to conquer.

The physical touch may not be the best, but the psychological pleasure was irreplaceable...


Two months later, the largest harbor on the West Coast was the forgotten sea, White Harbor, at dusk.

After two months of traveling, Heath finally arrived at the harbor. After looking at the sky, he decided to rest here for the night and set off the next morning.


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