55 Prepare For Battle

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Twilight Fortress, under the city walls, the Ryker army.

The commander of the Ryker Army, Count Gunner, was shuttling between the armies, making the final arrangements before the battle.

"Put on your armor, grab your longswords, and follow the Necromancer's army to charge forward. Do not retreat. Whoever steps back, I will chop off his head..."

"...Kroya has already died under the spell of the Necromancer. The rest are useless trash, livestock waiting to be slaughtered by you, and your meritorious deeds!"

"Kill all the Helans. Their fields are yours, their property is yours, and their women and daughters are yours!"

"Kill all the Helans!"

"Kill all the Helans!"

Thunder-like shouts resounded in the sky. The morale of the Ryker Army had reached its peak.

At the same time, on the battlements of Twilight Fortress.


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