Witcher at Hogwarts

In a magical collision of worlds, Ethan, a battle-hardened Witcher, transmigrates into the world of Harry Potter. The once solitary monster slayer now navigates the halls of Hogwarts, where spells replace his silver sword. As an enigmatic figure, Ethan brings the Witcher's code to a world of wands and wizardry. Caught between two disparate realms, he must unravel the mysteries of Hogwarts while facing the impending danger that threatens both worlds. This is a tale where the steel of a Witcher meets the magic of Hogwarts, forging an unparalleled adventure at the intersection of two extraordinary realms. *Disclaimer* Other than translation, everything belongs to the original creator. Just found the CNnovel and translated it here to increase my vocabulary, and English and to earn some coffee change. If you have some extra pocket money, Support me on Patreon: www.patreon.com/Dark_Sym. Original Author - light ink fragrance

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Dumbledore's solicitation

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As soon as they entered Professor McGonagall's office, Harry, eager to spare Ron from further ear damage at the hands of Mrs. Weasley, proposed a "clever plan" he had concocted throughout the night: compensating the injured man with 1,000 Galleons. He recalled Dudley's misadventure in using a classmate as a punching bag during boxing practice, resulting in the classmate losing a tooth. The classmate's parents sought compensation, which Dudley's parents, Petunia and Vernon, had to provide to resolve the matter.

Though Harry's understanding of his savings was not precise, he believed that offering 1,000 Galleons could be a significant solution to the problem.

Mrs. Weasley was surprised at Harry's suggestion and firmly declared, "We'll compensate for that gentleman, Harry, but we'll never let you pay!"

Despite Harry's attempts to convince Mrs. Weasley to accept payment, even offering to cover half of the compensation, she adamantly refused. The Weasley family, despite their financial struggles, had no intention of burdening Harry with the compensation.

After Professor McGonagall briefed Arthur and Molly on the incident, the Weasley family, in a resolute manner, headed toward the medical wing.

Meanwhile, after the clash between Dumbledore and Ethan in the medical wing, Dumbledore departed. In the headmaster's office, Snape withdrew his hand from the Pensieve, having viewed Dumbledore's memories of the conversation with Ethan.

Snape reflected for a moment, returning to his usual demeanor. "Even if we forget the enchanting world he spoke of, he's merely a killing machine crafted by wizards," Snape concluded with his customary arrogance.

"But the seal he used is truly remarkable. It doesn't require a wand, just drawing a rune can instantly cast it. It's an innovative form of magic," Snape remarked, observing Dumbledore.

Dumbledore, crossing his arms, sat in contemplation. After a lengthy silence, he finally spoke, "Thank you for your assistance, Severus. I believe I know how to handle Ethan."

Snape, upon hearing Dumbledore's words, seemed to grasp something and exhibited an incredulous expression. "Is it difficult for you to recruit teachers for Hogwarts? After bringing in that shameless charlatan Lockhart, you now want to recruit a killing machine from another world?"

"Don't worry, Severus. I have my reasons. I can sense that Ethan is not a malevolent person, and we will inevitably face the conflicts stirred by Voldemort in the future. Enlisting Ethan to our side could be beneficial. Teaching students additional means of self-defense is not a bad thing, and keeping Ethan under our guidance can prevent unnecessary trouble," Dumbledore earnestly explained. Snape, however, laughed mockingly and left the headmaster's office without bidding farewell, resembling a bat in his departure.

Ethan, now surrounded by the Weasley family's vibrant red hair, wasn't in the best condition. The Weasleys, having encountered Ethan for the first time, were initially taken aback by his cat-like eyes. However, such distinctive features weren't entirely uncommon in the wizarding world.

Seeing Ethan seemingly unharmed, the Weasleys felt relief wash over them. Chaos ensued in the medical wing, with each Weasley member vying to apologize to Ethan. Despite Madam Pomfrey's attempts to maintain order, she hesitated, remembering Dumbledore's earlier instructions and the singular presence of a patient like Ethan in the wing.

To compensate Ethan for the incident, the Weasleys were insistent. Mrs. Weasley furrowed her brow, and Madam Pomfrey wanted to intervene, but the peculiar circumstances restrained her. Eventually, Ethan, grateful for the rescue and understanding the accidental nature of the incident, reduced the compensation to 300 Gold Galleons.

Harry and Ron expressed their gratitude to Ethan, considering him a genuinely good person. Ethan's willingness to decrease the compensation further endeared him to the Weasley family. With the reduced amount, the atmosphere lightened, especially for Arthur and Molly, who felt the financial burden ease.

After seeing off the appreciative Weasley family, the medical wing regained tranquility. However, Ethan's mind shifted to a more serious concern. The crowns he had diligently earned through his frugal lifestyle and monster hunting now seemed like useless metal. Ethan, contemplating his future, wondered if he could extract the gold from the crowns or find a way to exchange it.

Dumbledore interrupted Ethan's thoughts, signaling that it was nighttime. Apologizing for the late hour, Dumbledore offered Ethan a glass of butterbeer and initiated a conversation about an important matter. Grateful for the butterbeer, Ethan, resistant to Veritaserum due to his witcher's constitution, savored the authentic taste and warmth it brought to his body.

Upon hearing Ethan's commendation, Dumbledore's countenance noticeably brightened, a burgeoning smile playing in his cerulean eyes.

"Ah, Mr. Ethan," Dumbledore interrupted the moment, his voice commanding attention.

"Let's get down to business."

"As someone freshly arrived in this realm, I understand you'll face inconveniences during this period of adaptation. I've also heard of your exceptional hunting skills. How about utilizing this time to impart your combat tricks and techniques to the young wizards of Hogwarts? Be a professor, if you will."

Ethan was taken aback. The notion of Dumbledore recruiting him as a professor left him momentarily agape, a smear of butterbeer forming a halo around his slightly open mouth.

Considering his current destitution and the challenges of being an apparent "black sheep" in the magical world, Ethan accepted Dumbledore's proposal without much deliberation.

"Excellent, Ethan. Hogwarts could benefit from your expertise in teaching a class on close-up defense. I've been concerned about the lackluster physical fitness and growing obesity among our young wizards," Dumbledore declared with gravity.

"And let's not forget, the current British wizards have abandoned the art of close combat. Godric Gryffindor wielded both sword and wand, our wizards have gone astray. Durmstrang, on the other hand, still imparts hand-to-hand combat skills to its students."

As Dumbledore and Ethan exchanged teaching suggestions, each proposal found swift approval from Ethan. The discourse between host and guest was not only productive but also infused with a camaraderie that even made Dumbledore's crooked nose more endearing in Ethan's eyes.

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