Reviews of Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique


Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Tian Li

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巫师:从骑士呼吸法开始肝经验 Very long story worth the read

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A surprisingly decent trial read for once. The mc is smart in the sense that he is realistic, and his "cheat" isn't really all that overpowered. It takes time to even train, furthermore information isn't thrown in your face forcing you to digest it within the first chapter. Overall good read, optimistic about future chapters.


So for people who are interested in magnus like stories this is for you because while it takes a while it is not slow and every chapter is a development and the world building is logical and does not seem forced at all while the main character is more of an anti hero or even a villain but in a realistic manner not a villain just for the sake of being one and is not stuck to his human identity Long story short I highly recommend this novel and for people who enjoy this type of story it is a well crafted master piece


isn't this wizard: starting with the knights breathing method? why change its name to this


Rating low despite the decent content because the translation is hot trash, so many mistakes making it unclear who is being talked about.


it's a shame that webnovel keeps butchering these great novels with bad translations i was looking forward to reading this novel


The translation quality is garbage all the names of the knights titles are translated wrong the grammar is horrible the wording and the editing is also bad I'm dropping this novel because of the poor translation. it's a shame since the novel is pretty decent otherwise


Translation is not good.... Plot is immersive and story is awesome... World building after chapter 150 is when the real story starts... Give it a read!


loli read this already. and google translate much more readable than this.


This story is terrible. The main character spends the first 100 chapters doing nothing but letting other people beat him and throw him around so that he can be ‘low-key’ which actually just means he’s a coward who only deals with problems after they’ve already occurred. All the characters are stolen expies from other works, and so is most of the worldbuilding. In general, it’s just trash.


muito bom, tem brasileiro acompanho essa história?


I already read this in raw, for somehow with the theme of wizard this is the best i read so far. He is op compared to the current realm/cultivation due to his dual path cultivation as knight and wizard. He can leap kill of one major realm but due to his cautious personality, it happens only few


The main reason why I’m on Webnovel. Good story where the character’s personality and behavior stays consistent and reasonable.


It's a pretty good read. Far better than most trial novels that get picked up. Although pretty generic with nothing new, it offers pretty decent quality. My only nitpick is that webnovel started to split 1 chapter into 3 mini chapters and then they increased it to 5-7 mini chapters. The best thing to do is to not use your coins to unlock chapters cause you're just getting scammed when 5-7 chapters are really just 1 chapter.


Although I could always foresee this outcome, it’s disappointing to see it happen. At chapter 300 and beyond it’s just a above cultivation novel. And for some reason the main character always wears a white robe even though it doesn’t match his image, all I can imagine is how stupid it looks in the wizard world.


Starts off pretty well, then the pop culture references start seeping in but the MC is a transmigrator and clearly one of us because videogame, film, anime, etc, references are pretty much all he brought with him to his new world. But then... then the pop culture references start worming their way into the world background and lore. From details remarkably similar to other web novels to plot points pulled from HBO shows, and the names that get used. Well, to put it plainly this now seems less like a transmigrator story and more like the story of a culture junkie who got hit by a truck and we're now reading his coma dream. I guess its personal preference, but when MC makes a Witcher reference because he played the game, I'm cool with that. But when Ice Queen Elsa's kingdom is dealing with an invasion of White Walkers in the North, that's too much to treat seriously.


Why. This and it’s clone brothers have been made multiple times. And even the original or at least the first one I saw translated here was hot garbage


I am a raw reader and I am near the current raw version available and let me tell you this story is oddly a relaxing story with hardworking MC that wasnt just handed power by system he is more hardworking then anyone else everyday has set of excercise or goals to complete, is a fellow wildlife enthusist lol. A good and nice read to keep up


Ok novel that I am surpised it was chosen


Rip-off of the novel that ripped-off Warlock of the Magus World. It's rip-offs all the way down. Not sure that I want to even attempt to read another one...