Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Crossing over to the alien world, he became a fallen noble lord. But with the help of the proficiency panel, he started to gain EXP through his family's Knight Breath Technique and followed the footsteps of an ancient and mysterious sorcerer step by step. Thus began a mysterious journey.

Tian Li · Eastern
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1257 Chs

Armor Transformation!

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Levi had spent half a year on this long journey. Just the journey alone had taken a long time.

Honestly, Levi was already prepared for his house to be stolen.

However, when Levi arrived at the Black Water Valley on New Year's Day of the 1009th year of the Holy Brilliance Calendar, everything in the territory seemed normal from afar.

However, there was no festive atmosphere at all. It was dead silent.

This made Levi extra cautious. He did not take the main road back to the castle but took another route to the shelter. Everything at the top was normal and the same as when Levi left.

The Frost Giant Armor and the tools he used to refine potions were as usual.

Seeing that the Frost Giant Armor was functioning, Levi was temporarily relieved.

"Now is a good time to test if the Frost Giant Armor can be used," Levi thought. He felt that something was wrong with the territory. Something must have happened.