481 King Punished The Bullies.

The two nannies didn't know what these two were planning. 

"Your Highness, is there anything…?"

"It's nothing, Saira," Drayce interrupted her. 

After what happened yesterday, she was worried that Drayce would fall into trouble once. Since the little prince was special, she knew that she was powerless to stop him if he really wanted something to be done. 

Normally, as his nanny, she should be punished for all his mistakes, but thankfully, the Queen was generous and never blamed her, knowing her son was not an ordinary one. Still, Drayce was her responsibility. She didn't want to see him punished again.

Afterwards, Arlan easily became part of the group of those bully kids. As he was a prince of another kingdom with a friendly nature,  not only did no one mess up with him, they welcomed his arrival. 


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