534 Hideout

"As you wish. But I am sure soon you will seek for my help, and when that time comes, you can pay a visit to my humble lodging," the elf said and looked at Aureus. "He knows where I stay."

Drayce decided to ignore the elf and turn his attention back to search for any clues left in this place. "Since they set up such a formation, that means they must have been observing the movements within the palace for some time. Their hiding place must also be within this forest. We need to search for it."

"I do not think we will find them even if we go to their hiding place. By now, they must have fled from Blackhelm," Aureus commented.

"We need to gather as much intelligence as we could," Drayce said as they continued to search further. "We cannot afford to miss even a single detail."

As the group moved around the vicinity, the elf accompanied them like a shadow. Drayce offered him a questioning look to ask why he was sticking around. 


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