498 Burned His Wife's Only Portrait

Meanwhile, inside the King's office. 

After dismissing his aides, Theron put the report in his hand aside,  leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. There were a number of issues his mother, the acting Regent, had put aside that required his immediate attention. He had returned to fulfil his royal duties as King, but not even work could numb the pain he was feeling. 

Everyone could see Theron's face was visibly thinner, his eyes sunken and his chin covered with stubble. Many of his subjects were worried about his health, but they were also careful with their words, not willing to incur the wrath of the King who was obviously not in a good mental state. That was also why the morning court session today finished quicker than normal and he was able to return early to his office—nobody wanted to make the King more upset than he already is.


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