31 Seoul Grand Park #3

The moonlight that seeped through the trees hit her big ass.

A mysterious atmosphere was created by the combination of silver rays on the already white skin.

It's almost as if the moon fell on the ground and was attached to it.

When I lowered my eyes slightly, there was a pussy protruding through the white panties.

From the hole to the labia minora, there was a lot of transparent liquid, so my gaze was fixed.

When I stretched out my index finger and swiped it from top to bottom, the pussy juice was sticky and connected my finger and pussy.

She said happily as she touched my finger, shaking her hip slightly.

"Huh...♡ There was also... I just did it for a feel..."

In fact, I wasn't even there from the beginning.

I went back to my room and slept in the middle, and when I woke up I was hungry and had ordered delivery.

After that, after a brief workout and shower outside, I came to see something, but only saw her coming out of the tent.

As I looked back and sighed and watched as I entered the forest, I roughly inferred the situation, and seeing the scene in front of me, my prediction was correct.

"Hurry up...Please eat her pussy...♡ I keep getting hotter today... I can't stand it anymore..."

No matter how much he was expecting, every time he pressed and released the hole, the liquid overflowed and pooled at the tip of the protruding clitoris.

The white, sticky juice that gradually began to clump slowly reached the bottom without breaking even as it fell by gravity.

I switched to the translucent mode while alternately looking at the thickening of the soil on the ground and the source.

I got closer, touched my ass, and signaled to take my panties down by touching them down.

If she pretended to pretend now, she lowered her panties and gently placed them on top of the pants lying on the ground.

With her back uncovered, a cute pink anal appeared briefly between her protruding buttocks.

After taking it off, there was no thread under the pelvis, but I felt something was lacking, so I tapped the top with my finger.

Shin Ah-young quickly folded the outerwear she was wearing, short sleeves, and bra, and put it on the ground.

Now, the only thing that really covers the body is the shoes.

They were in a state where they were facing each other with their clothes in between.

When I first saw her buttocks reflected in the moonlight, she was really pretty, but the reflection in her naked state was so beautiful that I couldn't even describe it.

As if it was the first time she had been naked outdoors, she blushed and covered her chest and genitals with her hands.

"That...because I'm naked in the forest...it feels like a real animal...a monkey...♡"

When he finished speaking, he slowly removed his hands and raised his arms above his head as if stretching.

He closed his eyes and held that position for a while with the sound of his breathing slightly rough, as if he tasted the sense of openness.

Then he squatted, spread his thighs wide, put his hand on her pussy, and began to sting on its own.

" here.. I'm in heat and I can only see a cock... In a bitch's pussy... Hurry... Put it in me...♡"

Shin Ah-young, who was masturbating while staring at my penis, said while panting.

Wanting to see her more in heat, I stuck out my tongue and approached the drooling mouth, biting my cock.

Then, he lowered his hand, rubbing his voluptuous breasts, and grabbed the nipples protruding and pulled them forward.

As soon as the cock touched his lips, it was sucked in like a vacuum cleaner, and his soft tongue supported the lower part of the glans.

She turned her head like sucking candy and licked her cock with saliva.

He rubbed the dent in a clockwise direction, and stimulated the fissure in the front of the urethra with the tongue, showing a much more developed Pella than before.

"Chew-wop... the page... the jwp... the jjook jjook...♡"

After enjoying the full taste, she took the cock out of her mouth for a moment, then swallowed the saliva that had accumulated inside and spoke.

"I... did some practice with a dildo, how about it? Have you gotten any better..? I'm going to suck it properly now.. Please wrap the semen in my pussy♡"

Shin Ah-young opened her mouth wide and put the cock in her mouth, then pursed her lips, shook her head violently back and forth, and began to suck and sneeze.

He even swallowed half of the column by cutting his throat into a single character.

"Ughh...♡ Uhhhhhhhh...♡

She lifted her pretty eyes with tears as she sucked and saw my reaction.

There was a little bit of anxiety in his eyes, wondering what to do if he didn't feel well, so he stroked his hair once.

Then he took out one hand that was poking her pussy, wrapped it around my thigh, and swallowed it more quickly and a little deeper.

I don't care about my own face or the strange noises that make me cry, it's just a move to make me feel good.

The semen rose from her passionate service, and kept the pace as I noticed my cock started to swell.

After a while, I felt like my glans was about to explode and filled my mouth with a white liquid.

Brilliantly... Brilliantly … Brilliantly

While wrapping, he moved his face and tongue slowly, allowing all the semen remaining in the prostate to come out.

The cock's twitching subsided, and she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, thinking that she wasn't coming out any more.

"I'm doing well ♡"

He collected a white, hot liquid on his red tongue, muttered it, and passed it down his throat.

Then he got up, turned around, put his hands on the tree, and pulled his hips out.

She opened her pussy, which had already become a waterfall and was dripping juice, with her fingers, and begged again.

"Now it's really...really...I'm masturbating naked and I'm an idiot who only knows cock...♡ Please put your cock in it..♡"

As I put my cock on the buttocks, I moved my waist up and down by myself, rubbing my pussy and anal.

And at some point, as if sliding, it was sucked into the pussy.

A vagina full of hot and sticky love juice I procrastinated and rubbed my cock as if I wanted to see it.

When I went further inside and tapped my uterus to say hello, my pussy tightened and I greeted her saying it was nice to meet her.

To get rid of the cock that I couldn't let go of, I grabbed my waist and forced it out, and the inner flesh stuck to the glans and protruded to the outside.

As I slowly tasted the inside of the pussy and shook it, he continued to say lewd things that might have been more estrus.

I wonder what kind of reaction it will be if you actually record it and listen to it later.

"More..quickly..♡ Fast enough to burn her pussy...just like monkey mating, please put seeds on it..♡"

As requested, I remembered my previous position during the day and gave it the same shot.

"Uhhh ♡ hee hee ♡ oh oh ♡ sooner♡ pussy mating.. poke me harder with a cock ♡"

Shin Ah-young's cry began to spread loudly in the quiet forest.

I was a little worried because it was a loud moan that I was worried that I might even hear it from the campsite.

I looked around to see if there was anything good, and gathered the panties on top of my pants and put them in her mouth.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...♡ Eunghup♡"

Finally, after quieting a bit, I started to piston fast again.

Bang bang bang!

Shin Ah-young's big ass waved violently, and while looking at her throbbing anal.

As if I could feel it, I tightened my vagina and began to squirm.

I lifted one of my fingers, drenched it in the liquid, and then stroked the area around the anus.

Then, with an even more intense reaction, he went away biting his cock so tightly that it hurts.


Feeling the climax, the strength in his mouth was relieved, and the soaked panties fell to the ground.

At the same time, his lower mouth twitched and fired yellow urine to see if his strength had been released.

"Uhhh...♡ After all...if it's not this cock...♡ I don't care about it♡♡"

Shin Ah-young, who had urinated on a tree, trembled for a while, then came to her senses and started packing her clothes.

When you think about whether you are already satisfied and want to go back.

She distributes her clothes appropriately and lays them on both knees and under her hands, waving her hips in a crawling position on all fours to seduce her.

"I'm still throbbing here..♡ If I put cock juice in my uterus, it might be better..?♡"

I came closer, grabbed my hips, held my posture high, and shook my back as if stabbing me down.

Shin Ah-young's posture collapsed as she pushed forward to drive it as far inward as possible, so it was difficult to hold on with her arms alone.

His upper body leaned forward, his arms and chest touched the dirt road, and he was sweeping the floor, especially shaking his chest.

"This is like real beast sex ♡♡ Make it more intense ♡ On the promenade, a naked pussy in heat.. Swipe it ♡♡"

No one would have imagined that Shin Ah-young really had this kind of taste.

This is because, looking at his usual appearance, he was a perfect person who had a god-given appearance and body, and even studied well.

To be honest, I can't reveal this to anyone...

I felt something rushing through the huge gap, and I slowly increased my speed to wrap it up.

The harder I pushed, the hotter the pussy became, and on the contrary, overflowing love liquid came out to set the right temperature.

By continuously stabbing the uterus, it stimulated the vaginal wall and G-spot, prompting Shin Ah-young to leave soon.

After a while, the penis from which the semen came out grew bigger and bigger, and the pussy tightened even more knowing that sperm was coming out soon, and silently pressured her to wrap it inside.

"Hehehe...♡♡ Let's go again ♡♡ Beast sex pussy goes crazy...♡♡ Gaaah♡♡"

Brilliantly... Brilliantly....

I couldn't stand it and wrapped it up inside, and as soon as the semen squirted out of it reached the uterus, she went away too.

Each time the semen that kept coming out several times accumulated in the vagina, he kept dropping his hips.

The buttocks and my groin were stuck together for a while, and after a while I removed the cock first.

Her butt followed behind her as if she wanted to be with us more, but she pushed it away with her hand.

"Uhhhhh...♡ I love cocks... Intense animal sex...♡ The best♡"

I felt that time had passed, and I slapped Shin Ah-young to make her stand up.

She looked at the dirt on her arms and chest and brushed it off, then went to see the condition of her panties in the distance.

However, it was not possible to wear it because it was covered with dirt, so I kicked it with my foot and blew it into the grass.

After a while, she put on her normal clothes and looked at me and greeted me politely.

"It was a date with my boyfriend today...but thank you for coming along...Thanks to you, my troubles have been resolved."

Then we headed back to the campsite along the way we came.

I left the ona hall only after seeing that I arrived safely to the shower room in transparent mode.

He's a perfect person except for real sex.

If the sex of the orangutan was more intense today than that, did he emphasize the sex of the beast all day long?

a few days later.

A big overt secret has been floating around in our school.

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