1 Prolouge

Onahole moves by itself.

what are you talking about?

Well, it's not like you're dancing on your own, but when you hit it, you get a love fluid, and tightening it seems really alive.

It's hard to believe, but let me explain how it happened.

First of all, let me introduce myself briefly, I am a typical student who went to Namjungnam High School and returned to school in 3rd year.

Naturally, there are no women around, let alone a girlfriend, and tears are shed.

I lived with my virginity until I was 24, and I was curious about the texture of my pussy, so I bought Onahol.

On the Internet, there is a great sage time when washing, but to me, who was already tired of my grandchildren, it was like salvation.

With a different feeling from his hand, he became addicted to masturbation, and the days of beating more than three daughters a day continued.

As a result, the entrance and the interior of Ona Hall were in tatters.

When you take out the penis, you can see that the silicone inside is torn off little by little, indicating that the lifespan has expired.

"Ha.. this feels good, but the durability isn't that good.. it's already broken."

I say so, but in fact I knew.

An ordinary Onahole couldn't stand my 20cm long cock.

"I'll have to buy another one... Let's buy it in a bigger size this time."

After washing my cock in the bathroom, I sat at the computer and did a search.

"Um... this isn't very well-received... It's too small inside..."

Dripping... Dripping...

While I was putting my mouse down, I found a picture that caught my eye.

"What is this? It's the first time I've seen it, is it new?"

I clicked once.

There was no neck, arms, and legs, but there was a large ona hole that embodies a woman's upper body and thighs.

I went down to see the details.

☆★Special price discount★☆★

A special whole body onahol just for you!

?. Strong durability! Durability that does not break no matter how and when it hurts!

?. Real usability! Realistic internal structures such as vagina, G-spot, anus, and urethra!

?. Customize! Onahol changes itself as the user wants it!

If you purchase now, you will receive a special price of 500,000 won and an additional small onahole as a gift!

A choice you will never regret!

Buy now.

Anyone could see that it was an exaggerated and false advertisement, but I was worried about the too clumsy photos and the harsh explanations.

"Onahol changes himself? Does that mean that the inside will change to fit your cock if you drive it for a long time?"

Anyway, there was nowhere to spend the money, so I had some room in my bankbook, so after thinking about it for about 10 seconds, I immediately pressed the payment button.


next day

A large box was delivered to the door, and I opened the box with excitement.

"Wow, I didn't know it when I saw it in the photo, but in reality it's so big."

It is so huge that it can fit 1:1 with a real woman's body.

Huge g-cup breasts protruding from the chest, pink nipples, a slim waist, and pussy and anus that look exactly like those seen in pornography.

My cock grew bigger just by looking at it, so I immediately took off my clothes and brought a love gel.

The moment you open the lid, sprinkle love gel on your pussy and gently spread it all the way to the inside of your pussy.


In a living room far away.

A high and sharp woman's scream was heard.

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