27 First Experience #1

The day after shopping, I slept all the time until lunch after a long time.

This was possible because there were no classes in the parking lot after the midterm exam was over.

I got up from bed, glanced at the clock, then turned on the computer naturally.

During the semester, studying for exams and homework was difficult and time was scarce, but I was bored when my schedule was empty like this.

I turned on the internet, went to the community, and clicked today's issue, but nothing happened.

I also went to New Tube, but there was nothing to see because only the same video was on the recommended list every time.

Eventually, I turned off the Internet window and leaned back on my chair, staring blankly at the ceiling.

'Ha... there's nothing I can do about it...'

I used to think that if I had a computer and fast internet, I wouldn't be bored for the rest of my life, but these days it's not.

Even though I was in the house, it was more fun than I thought to go to various places and eat women through Ona Hall.

I suddenly looked at the large Ona Hall in the corner, but now I don't feel like it, so I turned my head again.

As I was bruising quietly, a good idea suddenly came to my mind.

'Should I sign up for a gym? Anyway, I should have nurtured my stamina...'

I do simple running and push-ups every night, but now I feel like I need to increase my stamina in earnest by using professional equipment.

As soon as the words came out, I immediately searched the internet for nearby gyms.

Looking at the photos and locations on the information window, I picked one I liked.

It was about 10 minutes away from the school and about 5 minutes from my room, so it was very close.

I thought that I was only going to take a look, so I simply got dressed and set off.

Upon arrival, what I saw was a fairly neat 8-story new building.

When I went inside, I looked at the information board for each floor in front of the elevator, and the gym occupies the entire second floor.

Business seemed to be going well, so I went up the stairs with high expectations.

When I opened the stairway door, I saw a wide and clean hallway coming out and an entrance with an LED sign.

As I walked to the front door, there was a signboard in front of me, so I read it.

- State-of-the-art equipment and spacious exercise space!

-Convenient facilities such as shower room and rest area are available!

- Friendly instructors and 24-hour air conditioning!

Even looking at the inside of the glass a little, my heart was inclined to the clean and bright lighting.

I opened the door and went in to have a consultation.

"Welcome~ What did you come here for?"

"Oh, hello. I'm trying to exercise. I'm here to take a look around."

"Oh, that's right. Our store is

The woman at the counter took out a pamphlet and started explaining things.

As I turned to the last page while listening to the explanation, someone next to me pretended to know me.

"Oh my, Woojin? What's going on here?"

When I turned around, there was Yoon Hye-yoon wearing a stylish crossbody bag as if she had just taken a shower and was about to go home.

He was looking at me with wide eyes, gently brushing off the still wet brown hair.

I was also very surprised because I didn't know she would come out of here.

"Uh... Mr. Hyeyoon? I came here to get counseling to start exercising, but are you here?"

"Oh yes, I've been here for quite some time. One...a year and a half?"

Then I saw the female counter staff and talked to him.

"Unnie, I know someone, can I take a look?"

"Yeah, it is."

An employee who is willing to give permission whether it is close friends.

Upon approval, she pointed backwards and posed for a walk together.

I walked over to her and asked her questions.

"I'm not that employee, so can I just introduce you to the facility and go inside?"

"ah! Then you didn't know? An acquaintance of my parents is the director here, so it's okay. It opened last year, so it must be close to the school. Since then, I've been going on a regular basis."

For some reason, when I saw Ona Hall, I had abs on the side of my stomach, so I roughly expected it, but I was surprised to see him actually exercising.

There must have been a behind-the-scenes story like this.

So we went here and there and looked at the facilities, but I liked it more and more because it was very clean and spacious.

While we were walking together, I glanced at Yoon Hye-yoon, who was explaining hard next to me.

I didn't know about it because I usually only wore elegant and neat clothes like a one-piece, but now it's a fashion that has no choice but to make my eyes turn because it's short sleeves that show through, probably because I'm bitten by sweatpants that cling to my body.

Maybe it was just me, I could see the people working out glancing in the mirror.

"Are you listening over there?"

"Oh, yes! I'm listening."

"Then... here it is~"

I summoned her, who had moved to another place, to explain it to me.

"Hey, I'm still a beginner in sports, so I don't think I need such deep knowledge yet. Thanks for the explanation."

"I've been talking too much, shall we go back now?"

So we left the gym together and came home naturally.

"Tiring! It's on the fifth floor."

Yoon Hye-yoon got off first and I followed. But as soon as she got off, she ran towards the house.

As it turned out, a box the same size as the dildo courier I had seen before was delivered.

She hurriedly hid the parcel behind her bag and looked at me with a sullen expression.

A look that you've ever seen.

"What else did you do this time? A new dildo?"

"Ahh... no, not like that! That...and a dildo!? So openly..."

Yoon Hye-yoon denies, waving her hand with a blushing face.

Anyone can see that it is an adult product.

I asked a question as I recalled memories of drinking together a few days ago.

"Are the ghosts I mentioned last time still not appearing?"

"Yeah... not yet..."

"Ah, so this... again..."


It's a surprise.

10 minutes later.

I don't know what I bought, but when I saw the reaction, it was almost certain that it was an adult product.

If my prediction is correct, I must have started masturbating soon, so I took out a large onahole and watched it.

After a while, as expected, the body moves, but the body is a little wavy? vibration? It felt like hitting, like when I went to a live concert, my heart was pounding through a huge speaker.

It was strange, but I put aside my thoughts and gently touched her body from the chest after a long time.

From the outside to the inside, she tickled her with her fingertips, and occasionally gripped her entire chest tightly.

Then, stretching his back straight and sticking his chest forward seemed to be a response that asked for more touch, so he deliberately released his hand.

He looked down at the reaction.

There was only a little hair on the top of her pussy to be sure she was tidying up her hair, and the area around the entrance was clean and looked good.

The moment he lowered his hand and touched her pussy, he showed a violent reaction and went away.

'Doesn't it seem like today is going to go a little faster?'

I was a little flustered when I left at an unexpected time, but I again applied strength to my hand and rubbed the bottom of it.

Slowly, with the palm of the hand, the flowing love liquid was applied to the entire pussy and touched stickyly and persistently.

Occasionally, he flicked the clitoris with his fingers, and put it in and out of the mouth to stimulate it in a different way.

After a while, when her back started shaking again, she ran through the shallows of her pussy, grabbed the clit and turned it clockwise.

As you feel the fingers inside your pussy tightening, stimulate the clit faster.


This time, it spewed out a rather strong stream of water and went away. .

Originally, he wasn't this sensitive, but I was wondering what he bought to make his climax so easily.

'How many points do you have left?'

I went into the app hoping that the Guanyin mode would open soon.

[Yoon Hye-yoon]

Currently, Yoon Hye-yoon's gauge is 99 points.

age : 21 years old

key : 162.5cm

weight : 45.4kg

Three sizes: 87 - 63 - 88

Inclination: midway

Weakness : Clitoris, G-spot, chest, armpits

Favorite posture: back hit, top position, riding position

one last time.

From my memory, it should be 96, but looking at it, it seems that I masturbated while sleeping yesterday, so my score went up by 3 more.

I wanted to see him as soon as possible, so I decided to send him one more time without any regrets.

He put his hand on the calming body, shaking his stomach up and down.

Similar to before, he pulled the clip with his fingers and sucked the nipples with his mouth to stimulate the whole body.

after a while.



A cumshot came out of her pussy and at the same time her head hurt.

And the image drawn in my head just like Shin Ah-young.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...♡ feeling... so jovial♡"

Two square, lined pads were placed on each pelvis and two on the chest.

His body was trembling at regular intervals, as if stimulation was continuously coming to the pad.

His face was so soft that he couldn't believe he was the same person he had seen before.

'I'm even buying stuff like that now that I can't put it in my pussy.'

It was a bit silly, but also funny.

I took out my cock while looking at Yoon Hye-yoon, who was lying on the bed with zero-legged legs.

I must have scored 100 points, I think the time has come to break the hymen.

In order to see the reaction in person, for a month, this cuddly girl only touched her body in front of her.

A white chest that could be held in one hand, a slim waist and a firm belly with a one-legged abs.

Even her well-managed pink pussy without any droopy labia.

I got down on my knees and grabbed my cock to take a normal position.

And I continued to tap the mouth of the pussy where the love fluid was flowing with the glans.

Then she lifted her head and looked down in a strange feeling she had never felt before.

I rubbed my pussy up and down heavily to signal that this is a cock, I'm going to put it in soon.

squeak squeak...

As her cock and pussy soaked in love liquid were rubbed, a sultry sound resounded in the room, and she, who was covering her completely red face with both hands, put her hands down as if she had finally made up her mind.

Before I knew it, I put my hands between the legs that were completely apart and opened my pussy wide.

"Now you... it's okay to put... I'm ready... Slowly♡

In a voice dripping with honey, I gave permission.

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