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I'm back! I just could not wait to begin this next novel. I absolutely fell in love with Yoongi and Eun-ha at the end of the first novel, "Out of the Spotlight." I found myself writing in my notebook various ideas of where I think I want these two to go. If you have not read the first novel, I highly recommend you read it first before beginning this one to avoid any confusion when there are any references to the previous events, or characters. If you choose to just dive right into this one, no worries. I will attempt to remind readers of event that lead up to current ones.

The basis of this novel is a huge time jump, so please don't be offended with any of the things that I have written. For example, the path that I decide I want to take Yoongi, or any of the other members. This is all from my imagination and is in no way a reflection of who BTS are as people. They are wonderful people, and I just want to write a fictional story about them to share with other avid fans.

I usually write one to two chapters a week, and it's honestly something I look forward to. Please be patient, and allow me the time to write freely. Also, please don't be so harsh when it comes to grammar. It's hard writing on here when there aren't any tools for grammar corrections. I change what I spot, but sometimes I miss things.

Anyway, I am excited to get this novel started, so keep any eye out for upcoming chapters. I hope to live up to the previous novel, and satisfy previous readers, and hopefully gain new ones. Oh! and shout out to Ellen Drawings! I borrowed the fanart, and give respect and credit where it's due.

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