Wings (Y & E) Book

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Wings (Y & E)


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*Those that enjoyed, "Out of the spotlight," will be able to see Min Yoongi, aka Suga, have his own story. This story is picking up after the first novel, and focusing on the journey Yoongi and Eun-ha will experience. ~After being deployed from serving in the military, Yoongi returns to BigHit. Upon his arrival he must face the difficult challenge of determining where he will take his career while the remaining members complete their enlistment. Eun-ha, with 2 years of management under her belt, is assigned to assist Yoongi through the next steps in his career, and help him find his footing back into the industry. Despite the constant bickering, and disagreements, the pair begin to respect one another, and find themselves leaning on each other for support. Join me on this adventure to see how Yoongi and Eun-ha's careers, and relationship develop.


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