141 The Price She Had to Pay

Charlene's soft laughter drifted by Leslie's ears. Hiccuping, she willed herself to stop crying. She didn't want to end their last meeting with tears.

"No matter where you go, I'll always pray for your happiness," whispered Leslie, trying to convey the sincerity stemming from her heart.

They were practically strangers but, Leslie couldn't help but think of Charlene as her own sister. Despite not being able to get to know her better, Leslie earnestly wished the best for her.

"Thank you," chuckling, Charlene slowly pulled away from Leslie. Her hands remained on the latter's shoulders, "Let's make good use of our second chance in lives, en?"

"Yes," Leslie nodded, rubbing the tears glistening on her face, "Charlene, farewell. I think I need to go back now."

"Hehe, you should. Someone is frantically looking for you."

"Oh... yeah."


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