59 Something Good Would Happen During Breakfast

"Don't get caught if you wanna do something like that! You're humiliating us!"

Gladys finally learned that her father's wrath didn't come out of nowhere. Her mother explained that someone sent a video of her trying to seduce Calix just now.

"From the angle... we think Young Master Xu wore a body cam. The sender might be himself or his assistant."

Horror washed over Gladys. She didn't expect that her action was recorded by Calix himself! 

"N-no! I didn't mean that! I just... I just felt so wrong!"

Gladys' pitiful look did nothing to ease Geoffrey's rage. The extreme shame he had to bear under Calix's ridicule infused his whole body with anger.

"Dear! Stop getting mad!" Deena shouted at Geffrey, displeased by how her husband lashed out toward Gladys, "Can't you see how heartbroken our daughter is?"

Gladys sobbed out loud. She tightened her hug around her mother's frame.


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