91 She Had to Look for a Shaman and Get Talismans!

"Haa... so cold..."

Rolling to her right side, Sarah shivered under the thick blanket. Her face flushed red, caused by her hangover and fever.

"Urgh! My head!"

Sarah groaned weakly in pain. Her hangover was so terrible, amplifying the head throbbing when the fever entered the scene. She could only taste bile in her mouth.

"Curse you... stupid ghost... who made me like this?"

Tears rolled down from Sarah's reddened eyes. Every inch of her body suffered in discomfort as the hot and cold sensation overwhelmed her.

Sarah drifted in and out of consciousness, hoping the medicine would make her fall asleep but, her wish didn't come true. Her gaze on the wall next to her bed was blurry.

After being harassed by some kind of an invisible force last night, Sarah didn't really recall what happened next. She screamed for forgiveness, begging until snots came out of her nose but, that ghost was still full of vendetta against her.


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