148 If Only She Had Some Kind of Cheat

"Mrs. Xu, you shall lie to rest first. You've cooperated with us very well, thank you. Oh, is the temperature fine for you?"

Leslie caught every word spoken by Dr. Mo. Smiling faintly, she nodded, "I'm... good. I'll... shut... my eyes... for a... second."

Dr. Mo and the nurses were very considerate of Leslie. Understanding how her current health condition was, they let her rest from time to time during the checkup sessions.

Leslie met other specialists and a group of therapists at the same time. They were being mindful of her state. She believed she would see them again soon.

Leslie had just finished going through all necessary examinations. The nurses led her to a room where she was suggested to rest even for a moment. They dimmed the lights to let her feel comfortable.

"In the meantime, I'll speak to your husband about your state," said Dr. Mo while glancing at the wristwatch, "Is that okay with you, Mrs. Xu?"


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