190 Cursed Him! He Did That to Her!

Calix decided to talk about Leslie to Old Madam Xu sometime this weekend. The family meal fell on next week's Saturday. As usual, he refused to throw a party.

Calix and Leslie discussed the subject further before the former left for work. They planned to invite Rowan, Bianca and Irene as well. Leaving them out was not a good option because they had promised Irene to come clean to her parents.

Calix told Leslie that he would contact Rowan soon. He wanted to break the news about Leslie himself instead of relying on Irene. 

Soon, CEO Xu began a busy Friday.

Calix's schedule was packed from the time he appeared at the company until the late afternoon. He barely had room to breathe, let alone have a meal.

Knock! Knock!

"Boss Xu, are you free now?"

Edward entered the CEO's office sometime before five, holding a sealed white envelope. The urgency in his tone piqued Calix's interest.

"What is it? Anything else I need to authorize today?"


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