Will of The Force (Star Wars / Worm)

Darth Vader dies in the arms of his son, having killed his master and gone back to the light side of the Force. And then he wakes up, finding himself into a little primitive planet that hasn't even achieved interstellar travel, where the government is corrupt and the heroes are ineffective, in a city that could almost be called a hive of scum and villainy, dominated by a gang that calls itself the Empire 88 and another that practices slavery. He wants to be better, he wants to overcome his past, but damn, the city REALLY isn't making it easy for him. Sometimes, a former Sith Lord just wants to force choke a bitch

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Chapter 22 - Dinah Alcott 2

Yo, better late than never right?


Anyways, I had a lot of trouble with the latest chapter of Will of the Force, I also was very busy IRL and, honestly, I found that I can't write as much as I did before my... 'break'.


I hope you guiys enjoy the chapter anyway! Next one in more or less one week (Probably slightly more, as you guys may have noticed)




"Why's there no blood?"

"But there is," Hal answered gleefully. "So much blood, so much gore, it is magnificent, a delight for my memory banks."

"What?" Dinah asked, turning from the projected images and staring at her droid. "Then…"

"Oh, I've decided to censor the footage before projecting it, perhaps you can watch the uncensored version when you're older. How unfortunate that I can only observe."

Dinah pouted… no, she glared at him, she had seen blood before, there had been no censoring when Anakin rescued her!

The memory hit her, the sight of crushed mercenaries laying all around the street, broken bones and expos… Dinah managed to halt that thought, her face pale, swallowing hard, she sighed.

Yeah, perhaps it's not so bad like this. She wasn't afraid, nope, but she could see more details without blood covering everything, it just got in the way.

Being able to just relax and watch something on the sofa was nice. Dinah couldn't even remember the last time she had let herself do it. In truth, she knew she had only had powers for a few months, but the stress and pain made it feel like forever.

Really, now that she thought about it, why did she care if the lack of blood made her look childish?

Her friend Missy was always complaining about being mature and, before, Dinah had kinda agreed with her, if to a lesser extent, but now?

When she had been alone and helpless, she had to be responsible, to be mature as she worried about her parents, her friends, about becoming a drug addict who helped a villain.

Yeah… maturity was not at all that it was hyped up to be, she'd much rather not have to worry about things.

Turning back to the screen, Dinah watched Anakin block one of Purity's blasts with his lightsaber, the energy pushing him back but not even touching his clothes as it dispersed around his body.

She wondered; did he practice his badass postures in the mirror or did it come naturally?

Anakin made being cool look so effortless, keeping an unconcerned air around him even as bullets rained on his position. She bet he didn't look at explosions either. "Look, his cloak was even fluttering just right."

"Indeed," Hal nodded, somehow keeping the image in place even though it was projected from his eye. "It is quite enlightening. I had thought style was simply a bonus in battle, but I now realize it can be just as important as carnage."

Taking a sip of hot chocolate, Dinah leaned forward and grabbed a handful of popcorn from the side table without looking, a few pieces falling to the floor.

Initially, they were going to watch the live feed on the workshop's TV, but Hal had offered to use his projector to put the image on the wall and she loved the idea. It was kinda like going to the theater.

Gripping the edge of her seat, eyes shining, she watched him just flick Cricket aside as if she was trash and grab Hookwolf midpounce, crushing him by squeezing a hand before using the metal ball as a projectile.

Unable to help herself, Dinah lifted her good arm, hand squeezing into a fist as she imagined herself in his place. On her lap, Tora released a low yowl of complaint, extending his claws and sticking them on her leg as punishment for moving.

Kumo, as usual, was sleeping in a ball atop Anakin's computer, seemingly unconcerned with the world even if his ears flickered at any noise.

With a 'click' the door of the workshop opened, Mrs. Aikawa walked inside with the assistance of a cane. The old woman had a bandage over the left side of her head, but looked otherwise fine.

For a second, Dinah just stared while the old woman took in the workshop, a small smile on her face as she looked at all of Anakin's tools.

"Mrs. Aikawa, I thought you were still in the hospital?" she asked, dumbfounded.

"Honey, didn't I tell you to call me Liliam?" The woman chided. "And why would I? there's nothing wrong with me that a little rest won't cure, and their painkillers aren't as good as my plants."

At her side, Hal cut off the projection and got up from the sofa. The droid seemed to be watching the interaction with some interest, but Dinah noticed he was also doing something else, his optics blinking with the telltale signs he was using his interface.

"Mrs. Liliam, you can't be here."

"What? Don't mumble, child," the woman huffed, walking towards one of Anakin's projects.

"No, you can't be here!" Dinah almost yelled.

"Nonsense, I owned this building my entire life, I can certainly check on its condition now that the gecko is dead. Besides, you have my cats. Do you know how worried I was when I arrived home and they weren't there?"

Hand flashing forward, Hal lifted Tora from Dinah's lap and started walking towards Kumo. "But of course, let me help with the cats. Ma'am, I must say, impressive shooting, not everyone can hit a cape midflight."

"Well, I thought I had him, aimed for the unprotected head and everything," Mrs. Liliam grumbled. "I was quite a good shot when I was younger, you know."

"Ah, I do appreciate meeting the rare exception to your kind's uselessness. A pity you missed."

Dinah gripped her training lightsaber, a bad feeling filling her, then she thought better and jumped to her feet —she still wasn't 100% confident in her skills with the blade— Rushing towards the table, she also grabbed her laser pistol for comfort.

"Ah, those parahumans are a slippery sort," the old woman dismissed his words with a wave of her hand. "Never heard of any that mattered dying from a normal bullet no matter the power. It's why I never tried to snipe the gecko while he was resting… I'm honestly surprised I even hit a leg."

Using his other hand, Hal snatched up a sleeping Kumo, the cat releasing a tiny mew of complaint before going limp on his grip. Then his eyes snapped to the side and his optics turned red.

The large TV turned on by itself, a red light flashing beside Anakin's closed laptop warning of intrusion on their protective perimeter. Dinah stared at the light, dumbfounded.

But… there was such a small chance of attack?

No, star's end, she had asked if she was gonna be attacked alone, not if anyone was going to arrive while she waited!

Before she could think about it, Dinah checked the pistol's charge and ran to Anakin's laptop, using it to check the perimeter cameras around the workshop.

"To the south," Hal warned, pressing a button on the worktable and revealing two assault rifles. "Meatbags, when you think you have enough data to simulate the depth of their stupidity…"

Dinah checked where Hal had pointed out, seeing one of Dragon's suits landing quietly atop a distant building, a second later, a cape Dinah didn't recognize appeared on top of a forcefield that trailed slivers of light.

Behind the second cape, Triumph stepped out of the forcefield and stared towards the workshop, following him, some of the Wards got down on the roof and started looking around for a safe location to settle; Vista, Clockblocker, Kid Win, Aegis and Shadow Stalker.

Rory was here, Rory was going to try and rescue her!

Dinah felt herself start to panic. She had only found out about her cousin being Triumph while trying to find a way out of Coil's trap but every question she asked about his involvement gave her nearly certain odds.

If she involved Rori, the best-case scenario gave him an 82% chance of death. God, she missed him, but he couldn't be here!

God, she missed her parents too. It was incredibly cool living in a hidden lair, and having a droid was neat, not to mention the minions, but she'd trade almost everything to be back with her mother.

Not Anakin though, he could stay her cool uncle and master.

But, if she went back home, Coil would kill them, she knew it! She had seen it again and again.

"Honey, breathe," Mrs. Liliam said, putting her hands around Dinah's head and forcing her to focus. "Is it those Nazis again?"

"N… no," Dinah said, managing to center herself. "The Protectorate is trying to rescue me."

"And I take it you don't want to go with them?"

"I can't, I just…" Why hadn't she asked Anakin to kill Coil for her? Why had she tried to deal with him by herself?

She wanted control, to know she could use her power for herself instead of having to always rely on others, so she could feel safe going back to her parents, so she'd know she didn't need to run away the next time a villain wanted to use her.

"That's alright, you don't have to explain," Mrs. Liliam said, then turned to Hal. "Do you have a spare rifle? Preferably one with non-lethal ammunition?"

"But… they're gonna arrest you?" Dinah asked.

"Honey, your guardian is a Master. I figure I can get away with shooting the heroes if I blame him. I don't think he'd mind."

Hal just stared at the woman for a full second, then at both his assault rifles. Finally, he released a frustrated noise. "Right, non-lethal… this just became far less entertaining."

Putting both rifles back on the table, he took out the magazines with almost pained movements, then unchambered the rounds and picked the magazines filled with rubber bullets.

Somehow, the droid's actions served to snap her out of the panic she felt and Dinah took a few breaths. Focusing on some of Anakin's lessons about meditation, she centered herself.

Finally calm, Dinah started using her power. She couldn't really find a future where she remained perfectly free, that always took far too much out of her and she didn't have time, but she could ask questions. What are the chances they can get into the building before Anakin returns?

Eighty-two point seven, nine, two, two percent. She grimaced, so they're likely going to meet face to face.

"Mistress Raven, the situation demands I assume command now, please follow my lead," going to his droid replica, Hal considered the robotic body, but shook his head. "Unfortunately, it's not ready for deployment, but at least Master Anakin built me with modular designs."

Pressing on the armored torso, Hal removed both arms and attached them to his own body one after another right under his original ones, then spent a second testing the coordination of the new limbs, wiggling his metallic fingers.

"From your facial movements, I presume the outer defenses won't delay them?"

"83% chances they get through."

"Very well, what are the chances Coil uses the situation to make an attempt on your person?"

Dinah froze… she hadn't thought of that. "Ninety-four point one, two, five, one percent."

No! And everything had been going so well, she was even going to turn the Undersiders today! It was NOT happening again!

"Mistress, what are the chances Coil still attacks if there is no fighting?" At her surprised look, he shrugged all four of his shoulders. "Remember, capture by the PRT is preferable to Coil and, with their competency, a rescue will certainly be easier."

"Eighty-nine point six, six, one, five, two percent," she winced, the questions starting to bother her.

Nothing like before she had begun training with Anakin, no, but she had already used a few questions earlier and it was starting to accumulate.

"Negligible change, very well, hand me your lightsaber please," she did, Hal simply turned the handle, opening the casing and changing some settings inside. "I just disabled the safety feature, hide it inside your costume, you're not competent enough to use it in a fight, but meatbags are awfully prone to surprises."

"About that weapon?" Mrs Liliam reminded them.

Seeing as the droid was occupied, Dinah nodded and ran to her own table, grabbing her mask before pulling a laser rifle Anakin had made for her to practice with, she still preferred the pistol, but it was interesting to use.

Dinah put the weapon on a stun setting and handed it to the old woman. In front of her, Hal grabbed another two laser pistols, wielding them on his lower arms while he held the assault rifles on the upper ones one-handed.

"Mistress, do not leave the workshop and try to remain under cover."

Dinah nodded, through the TV, she saw the Wards getting settled, her cousin crouching down and looking at the building through a pair of binoculars while Dragon and the second cape lifted into the air.

Before Dragon or the second cape could advance more than a single block, the turrets all around the base rose and opened fire, Hal's eyes shining red as he controlled them and focused most of the fire on Dragon's armor.

Both Dragon and the new hero separated, starting to take evasive maneuvers. From Dragon's back, she launched a dozen projectiles, the small missiles trailing white smoke as they curved in the air and flew toward the defenses.

Hal hummed, all but two turrets swirling to intercept the attack. Of the two that didn't, one turned towards the second hero and fired a near-constant laser beam that soon clipped the woman's forcefield, bursting it and causing her to start falling.

The second turned towards Dragon and managed to hit her armor straight on, but the laser barely even heated the metal. "Hmmmm… it seems I'll have to grab some of Bakuda's spare bombs."

"We have those?"

"Indeed, I do appreciate the chance to use them."

"Ha, good for you. If it's all the same, I'll sit down until someone opens the door," Mrs. Liliam grumbled. "Not like I can do anything while they're out there."

"Meat really is such inferior hardware," Hal commented. "How so many Tinkers are content to keep such substandard and easily damaged parts when they can upgrade is beyond me."

Outside, Dragon flew over one of the turrets, cables shooting out of her armor and gripping the weapon before dragging it out of its stand. Swinging the cables, she threw the entire thing at another turret, only three left.

From atop a building, the second hero took the opening to dart over another turret, luminous shards falling all over the weapon and, where they touched it, the shards morphed into force fields. Dinah finally recognized the woman as Dovetail, someone who worked in Brockton Bay from time to time.

Hal still shot the turret, the lasers easily burning through the shields she could put in place, but new flakes of light touched the turret, blooming into more and more force fields that managed to block its movement, buying the hero enough time to throw a foam grenade.

"Interesting. As I thought, Dragon's armor is unmanned," Hal commented, then started to make his way towards the door, hiding two of his hands under the cloak.

Two turrets remained, but Dragon simply landed on top of one, using her armor to completely crush the device while the second hero seemed to have realized Hal wasn't shooting to kill, becoming far less careful with her movements.

Soon, the last turret was dealt with and Dragon landed in front of the door, Dovetail floating above it and giving her cover. Dragon's tail pierced through the door, the tip acting as a pair of jaws of life, cutting through the metal door as if it were paper.

Soon, Dragon pulled the door free and looked inside, Hal just casually lobbed a grenade her way.

With a deafening 'BANG' that broke every window for a few blocks, a large spike of metal hit the armored Tinker from the side, smashing the armor with such strength it went flying for a full block before being buried in a wall.

Atop the building, Dovetail simply disappeared, substituted by a fridge that fell to the ground with enough force to crack the asphalt, then the grenade exploded where Dragon had just been, a flash of light momentarily blinding Dinah's eyes.

Before she could see, Dinah heard Hal opening fire, then grumbling while reloading the magazines. "Impressive survival instinct."

Opening her eyes again, there was a ten-meter-wide pool of sand lying in front of the workshop, the fridge was also missing and she could see the top of a familiar hat hidden behind a car.

Trickster had just swapped places with the destroyed device and almost got killed by Hal. With reflexes she didn't even know she had, Dinah opened fire, several laser blasts hitting the car he was hiding behind and one even burning his idiotic tophat.

"What the fuck!" Trickster shouted before teleporting away from the car and further down the street, immediately getting under cover again.

Like a terminator, Hal started running, both assault rifles properly reloaded and unleashing a hail of bullets upon the villain desperately huddled behind cover, then a giant bull with the mane of a lion broke through a wall, hit him midrun and smashed him against the opposite wall with enough strength to shake the building.

Hal didn't hesitate, the rifles were too big to turn them on the beast in such a cramped space, so he dropped them, grabbed the horns, and immediately started unloading upon the beast with the lasers on his lower arms, aiming for the eyes while trying to twist its head away from his body.

From the bed, Mrs. Liliam finally started shooting, her rifle shaking repeatedly as she silently shot laser after laser at the bull's side.

For a moment, Dinah just stared at the giant beast, then she caught sight of Trickster getting out of cover, useless cane still in his hand, and one of those Circus clones at his side.

Unable to help herself she aimed her pistol again, he'd not try to kidnap her a third time!

The first shot flew just slightly over his shoulder, but she was sure the second was gonna hit him straight on his stupid mask.

The feeling of disorientation hit her out of nowhere, she still pressed the trigger, but the laser only hit the asphalt in front of her and burned a small hole.

"Jesus kid, can you be any more bloodthirsty?" The infuriating voice came from right behind her. "Helpless kid in need of rescue my ass."

Dinah immediately turned around, but the Circus clone reacted faster, kicking her in the chest with such strength she was lifted off the ground, fell on her back, and rolled several meters away from Trickster, the pistol flying out of her hand.

"For fuck's sake, don't kill her!"

"Why?" The clone asked. "Coil won't help Mother even if we bring her."

"I know!" Trickster yelled with frustration. "But he'll want to be seen looking, even if only to trick the others, and I don't think Noelle will ever forgive me if I just execute the kid! Come on, get her so we can get out of here."

Gasping for breath, Dinah heard the clone walking, then felt it grabbing and lifting her by her good arm. It was painful, but nothing compared to when the world started to twist and she felt like she was being sucked through a straw.

A tear ran down her cheek, but Dinah wasn't about to give up, she just wasn't! Lifting her prosthetic, she managed to grab the arm that was holding her up and squeezed, the mechanical hand closing with the strength of a vice, enough to crush his bones.

With a scream of pain, the Circus clone dropped her and she felt the effects of his power fading, her body snapping out of his dimension before they could enter it fully. The second she hit the floor, her hand managed to grab the lightsaber hidden under her costume.

Igniting the weapon, she heard the hum of the blade as she executed the third move of Form II, the saber dancing in a sideways slash that should have bisected the man, but her training saber was too short, so it just burned a straight path through the clone's belly without reaching his spine.

Coughing, she sucked in a breath and made sure to avoid looking at the dying cape, instead turning a glare on the retreating Trickster. With a command, the palm of her prosthetic opened, a small muzzle poking out of it. She started to lift the prosthetic.

Trickster lifted his arm, his cane swapping with Dinah's own laser pistol.

He was faster.

The first laser bolt hit her in the upper right chest, near her shoulder. It burned a hole through her body but didn't hit anything vital. The second shot hit her slightly lower, burning a hole through her liver big enough she could put three fingers through.

Dinah fired too, her laser burning a hole through Trickster's knee and causing his third shot to fly wide, but Dinah didn't think she had another.

The lightsaber fell from her fingers and she dropped to the ground. Looking up, she heard a deafening explosion of sound, the attack smashing into the street in front of her, but she couldn't see if it hit the Villain.

Surprisingly, it didn't hurt too much.

Slowly, she managed to turn her head but, instead of the street, she saw Vista on top of a building, looking straight at her as if through a magnifying glass, then a white-gloved hand touched her face and everything froze.



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