33 Prove It

"You know where?" I said.

I tried to push him away but that didn't work either, being so close to him made my heart skip a beat and after more tries trying to escape from him, I became exhausted.

I started to curse at him and hit him on the chest, I jumped when he grabbed my wrists and pulled me closer to him, and suddenly he grabbed my legs and threw me over his shoulder.

"Put me down!" I shouted as I tried to get out of his hold but I failed effortlessly.

He walked me outside and I felt the fresh air hit me and the fresh scent from the green trees.

"As you wish" he stated and with that, he threw me into the pool.

I landed in cold water as I gasped for air, he stood at the edge of the pool laughing his sadistic ass off.

"Emir, you will pay for this" I warned.

"Are you sure?" He gave me a smirk, no he wouldn't jump in, would he? I narrowed my eyes at him.


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