21 Please let Me Go

" Please no" I blurted and tears started to run down my neck and into my dress.

My squabbles began to grow more fervent and I tried to fight back from his hold as hard as I could, wriggling in his grasp.

He began to slap me a few times and hit the wall a few times.

My sight is beginning to become blurry." You shouldn't have fought back you little bitch" he says, his words nearly falling on deaf ears as I tried to fight him.

My tears kept falling from my eyes uncontrollably, my vision became more blurry. If only I could reach up to my car, my subconscious would speak.

He quickly lets go of me, pushing me to the ground.

This is my chance to get to my car and ask for help.

I started to crawl away from him slowly, trying to move as fast as I could but at this point, I was as slow as a snail, Finally reaching my car and trying to stand up using my car as support, I still couldn't keep my balance on my feet.


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