29 Date Night [Part II]

I extend my arm out for her and she shyly grabs it and we begin to walk out the door. I open the door for her as she stepped into the limousine.

Jerry rolled down the compartment separating us from him and began to speak " Good evening ma'am I will be driving you tonight," He smiled at her.

"Please, call me Emma," she smiled back politely.

"Mortez restaurant please," I tell him.

With a small nod, he clicked a button and we separated again as the car drove off.

I love seeing her smile, for the past few weeks that she's been staying with they have been my best days and still I am that she's here sitting next to me, but I don't know how she will react after knowing the truth.

Pouring her a glass, I extend it in her direction which she took and took a sip.

Placing her glass in the tiny glass holder, she lapped her legs, and the mere action distracts me leaving my mind in haze as her dress slightly shoved off revealing her soft skin.


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