Wilderness Livestream: Other People Struggle to Survive While I Became Famous by Looking After a Cat

#I asked you to survive in the wild, but you're raising a cat while doing livestreams?# #I thought you were here just to make up the numbers, but you're taking the entire internet by storm?# Song Qingyou transmigrated over a dozen times for the sake of survival before she finally returned to her original world. She wanted to laze around and do nothing, but she was forced to fend for herself in the wilderness due to her unfortunate circumstances. However, after finding a cat, her life turned out to be completely different from the rest. Other people started the game with straight knives and lighters... But she started with a cat. Other people exhausted themselves from climbing trees to harvest fruits... But she barbecued fish for her cat. Other people worked hard to build their own shelters... But she made a nest for her cat. *** Everyone waited for nature to teach Song Qingyou a lesson on how to behave like a normal person, but she was going through the survival game as if she was on vacation. She went viral on the internet. *** Song Qingyou thought her cat was just a little smarter than ordinary cats, but it turned into a human one day... Later, Song Qingyou was photographed going out with the CEO of Jiang Group. Song Qingyou clarified things during a livestream, "It's a coincidence. We're not dating each other." Before she could finish her sentence, Jiang Zhihan, who had transformed into a human again, walked past the camera. That, too, went viral. Song Qingyou quickly started to explain herself. "We're ordinary friends. We're not living together." Just as she finished saying that, Jiang Zhihan appeared again in a bathrobe and said, "We're out of shower gel. Don't forget to buy the same one you did last time." Song Qingyou subconsciously answered, "Okay." People who were watching the livestream fell silent. #You certainly aren't dating each other. You're practically married, aren't you?!"

Mu Jiancheng · Urban
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538 Chs

You Can't Feel Wronged

Translator: Zayn_

Seeing that Li Su hadn't moved, Jiang Xuyan quickly let go of Zhao Yingnan and ran to pull Li Su.

At this time, the bear and wolf were already approaching Song Qingyou.

Jiang Xuyan was anxious and grabbed Li Su's arm to run.

However, he didn't expect Li Su to be so frightened that his legs went weak and he fell to the ground.

"Get up!"

Jiang Xuyan was very anxious.

However, two wolves were looking at them.

Li Su panicked. "What do we do now?"

He subconsciously grabbed Jiang Xuyan's arm with so much force that he almost scratched the latter.

"Stand up first!"

Jiang Xuyan frowned. Although he was also afraid of those wolves, as a man, it was fine if he couldn't help Qingyou, but how could he be afraid to this extent?

Li Su was pulled up by Jiang Xuyan.

"Let go of your hand. I'll find something to hit those two wolves."

Since he had been targeted, he could only counterattack.