8 Entrance Exam

"Did you study?"


"Okay. Did you change your underwear?"

"Bye, mom. I'll see you later. Bye, dad." said Tobias before running out the door.

"Good luck, champ." said his dad not looking up from his newspaper.

"Oh, I'm so worried." said his mom sitting down and looking nervous.

"He'll be fine. He's smart enough, not to mention his training over the years has put him ahead of the pack."

"You're right. He'll be fine."


"Are you nervous?" asked Kyoka.

Tobias and Kyoka had met up where they part ways to go to their respective houses and were now taking the train to U.A. for the entrance exam.

"Not really. You?"

"Of course I am. Anyone that wants to be a hero wants to go to U.A. That means the competition is going to be fierce. I'm confident in the writing portion of the exam, but the practical one, not so much." she said before Tobias started holding her hand.

"It'll be fine. You'll do great, I believe in you." he said looking at her.


Yep, Tobias and Kyoka were dating now. It happened the year before, in their second year of middle school. Turns out Tobias' antisocial personality wasn't enough to stop some girls from developing a crush on him. Though to be fair that's not much of a stopping force when taking into account Tobias' looks, his intelligence, his quirk, and his carefree personality.

Anyways, it was a day like any other with Tobias barely paying attention in class while messing around with his cards. This particular year Kyoka and Tobias were in different classes and seeing as Tobias avoided everyone, none of the girls knew he hung out with Kyoka. With no one to stop her, one of his classmates decided to write him a love letter and leave it in his locker.

Once the day was over, and after finishing up practice with Kyoka, Tobias opened up his shoe locker to the love letter falling out. Kyoka, curious, got it first before seeing what it was. Tobias asked her what it was before Kyoka threw it at him and left abruptly. Confused Tobias looked at the letter before putting it away and going after Kyoka.

Catching up to her, he asked her what was wrong and why she left so abruptly. To which she grumpily ignored him while continuing to walk home. Tobias continued to persist until finally, Kyoka told him to go hang out with his new girlfriend and leave her alone. Tobias, hearing her answer, stopped before he started laughing out loud.

Seeing this Kyoka got angrier and she buzzed him with her jacks. Tobias apologized for laughing before explaining to her that he didn't even know the girl whom the letter was from. And then he started teasing her for being jealous before she tried to buzz him again. Dodging her jacks, Tobias decided to tease her more by going towards her and grabbing her hand.

At this Kyoka froze up with a red face while Tobias was mesmerized by her before he kissed her. Kyoka short-circuited before she pulled away and asked him what that was for. To which Tobias answered that the only girl he liked was her. After that little moment, they started dating. When Tobias' mom found out, she was so happy she practically threw a wedding ceremony for them.

Their relationship hadn't gone further than dates, hand holding, and the occasional kiss on the cheek because Kyoka wanted to take it slow and Tobias had no problem with that. As for the love letter confession, Tobias politely rejected her and let her know that he was already seeing someone so she could tell her friends and they would stop bothering him.

Back on the train, Kyoka and Tobias were talking about random things until they finally reached their station. Kyoka was still embarrassed holding hands in public so they stopped once they started walking to U.A. As they walked toward the school, they could see students from all over Japan making their way there. Some had mutations while others did not, but it was fascinating to see just how much variety there is when it comes to quirks.

"Looks like a tough year." said Tobias teasing Kyoka who responded by elbowing him in the ribs.

"Just trying to lighten the mood. Don't want you to be nervous." he said to her.

"Thanks, but you should worry about yourself right now."

"Haha, please. Even if I fail here, I can just try at another school. If that fails, I'll just become a vigilante so strong that they give me a hero license. Or, I'll go to America."

"Like auntie would ever allow that."

As they got to the entrance of the school, they both saw a green-haired kid, whom Tobias recognized as the protagonist, trip and get caught in time by a girl. The boy started floating before he was put back down on the ground.

"Looks like she has a gravity-related quirk. That must be useful." said Tobias.

"Mm, looks like it works by touch." she said as they both walked into the building.


After taking the written exam, which was a piece of cake for both of them, they made their way to the auditorium. Since they were both from the same school, they ended up sitting right next to each other. Tobias taking a look around the room was able to spot Midoriya next to another character he recognized, Bakugo. Focusing on the front, a man with spiked hair, sunglasses, and what looked to be a speaker mask came up.

"Welcome one and all to my live show! Everybody say hey!" he yelled.

"Hey!" yelled Tobias before Kyoka hit him on the arm to be quiet.

"That's what I'm talking about! All right, examinees, I'm gonna give you the low-down on how this'll go down! Are you ready?!"

"We're ready!" yelled Tobias with a smile to which Kyoka put her head down to avoid being seen with him.

"I like you kid!" he said pointing at Tobias who gave a thumbs up, "Now, here's how the test is going to work so pay attention! We'll be testing you in a ten-minute practice run in our replica city district! You can take whatever you like! Everybody is to gather at their designated meeting area after this!"

"Guess they did it like this so people from the same school won't help each other out." commented Kyoka.

"There's going to be a large number of villains in the city. Three varieties of villains, worth 1, 2, and 3 points respectively! Your task is to take out as many villains as you can using your quirk! The more villains you get, the higher your score! Don't think about attacking fellow competitors because that's against the rules!" said the presenter.

"Excuse me?" said a student with glasses.

"On the handout, it says there are four villains, not three! If this is a mistake, it would be an embarrassment for a top-tier academy such as U.A. Moreover, you, curly-hair kid. Stop squirming around and mumbling to yourself, you're distracting. U.A. isn't a place to have fun, it's a place for heroes." he said looking at Midoriya.

"Whoa talk about serious." said Tobias to Kyoka.

"You as well!" he said looking at Tobias, "You're sitting like a hooligan, with your feet up on the table. Show some respect."

Right as Tobias was going to open his mouth to say something, Kyoka buzzed him before glaring at him.

"Alright, alright. Settle down. The fourth type of villain is worth zero points, they're arena traps. They're a stage hazard like those big blocks in Super Mario Brothers." said the presenter.

"Thank you very much! I apologize for being rude!" yelled the boy with glasses bowing to the stage as he sat down.

"Good! Now, let's move on to the main event! Plus Ultra!" he yelled.

As we all got up to go towards our area, Kyoka was lightly reprimanding Tobias before they had to split up to go to their respective testing sites.

"Good luck." said Tobias to Kyoka.

"You too."


The presenter said the students could bring whatever they needed but Tobias decided it was easier to not change his clothes, so all he took was his deck of cards.

Arriving at the testing area, Tobias took a look around and noticed he was in the same area as Midoriya, the glasses boy, and the girl that saved Midoriya. Tobias called them that because he couldn't remember their names. As he waited for the exam to begin, the glasses boy came up to talk to him.

"It's you, the mannerless student from earlier." he said as he approached Tobias.

"Hm, oh, right. Nice to meet you, I'm Tobias." responded Tobias with a smile.

"Tobias? Are you not from Japan?" he asked. But before Tobias could answer.

"And start!" yelled the presenter.

Tobias, remembering that there was no countdown, began to run while pulling out a card before activating it, summoning his familiar hoverboard and hopping on.


"What's the problem? There are no countdowns in a real battle! Run!"

At that, the rest of the students started running.

Tobias, on the other hand, was far ahead of the pack.

'Good thing I remember some things about the exam. Now, I need to rack up as many points as possible. The fastest way would be to stay on my hoverboard and hit the villains with red cards. If I run out, which I shouldn't, I can try that other thing. I should get some high ground and make a rudimentary map of the villain's locations before I go for them.' he thought.

Right as he was rounding a corner, a 1 point villain came barreling at him. Seeing this, Tobias jumped over the bot while pulling out a red card and throwing it at the bot.


'Good, 1 point down.'

Moving in the direction of a tall building, he started going up it with the hoverboard before stopping at the top. Taking a quick scan of his surroundings, he noticed most of the other students were still making their way to the city.

'Okay, I have a good enough map in my head. I should go for the 3-point villains first. That way.' he thought before taking off to where he saw a 3-point villain.

Approaching it, he took out two red cards but threw one to test the villain. Seeing it break with just a single red card, Tobias put a smile on his face. So, he started riding around the area taking down villains left and right while simultaneously looking for anyone to help.

'Phew, how many is that now? I think that's 18 3-pointers, 10 2-pointers, and 12 1-pointers for a total of 86 points. That sounds like enough, might as well let the others have a chance.'

Deciding that was enough running around for now, he used his hoverboard to get to the top of a building and watch the rest of the participants. That's when he noticed a girl with vines for hair was about to be crushed by rubble from a building, but she was unaware as she was fighting a villain. Tobias seeing this quickly took out a card and threw it right above her head.

As the rubble was about to land, the card activated and created a web of chains that held the rubble from falling on her head. Surprised to see chains appear from nowhere, she looked up to see the rubble being held in place.

"You should probably move from there. The chains won't last long." said Tobias still perched atop a building.

"Thank you." she said before moving away. Seeing her move away, Tobias dispelled the chains and kept a lookout for other students in danger.


Tobias, a little deafened, turned to see a giant robot. Remembering what happens next, he made his way to it just in time to see Midoriya jump up and destroy the robot.


"Phew, that's some strength all right."

As Tobias saw him falling, he also noticed the girl from earlier floating up and hitting him at the perfect moment, so he wouldn't splatter on the ground.

"Skill release." she said as they both fell back on the ground right before she barfed.

"The test is over!" yelled the presenter which caused despair to appear on Midoriya's face.

Seeing Midoriya's broken arm, Tobias started walking over to him before he pulled out a card.

"Hold still." said Tobias before Midoriya looked at him.

"What are you going to do?" he asked.

"I'm going to heal your arm as much as possible but I need you to hold still." he said before placing the card on his arm and activating it. A golden light enveloped Midoriya's arm before it started twisting and turning, healing itself.

"There we go. It should still be a little damaged, but better than before." he said.

"That's amazing." said Midoriya in awe.

"That is amazing, boy. How did you do that? I was under the impression we had no healing quirks this batch." said an aged voice that came from a small old lady wearing a visor and walking with a needle.

"Y-you're Recovery Girl!" said Midoriya amazed at seeing the old lady.

"Girl? More like gr-" was all Tobias could say before she jumped up and whacked him on the head.

"Kids today. Anyways I'll heal him the rest of the way, but that was impressive boy." she said before going up to Midoriya and giving him a big smooch.


In a room full of teachers with monitors showing the testing area.

"Fukushima Tobias, hm? His quirk certainly is versatile." said something that looked like a rat wearing a suit.

"Not to mention he's top of his class. This year sure has some interesting students."

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