Chap 10

Until one day, everything suddenly changed. His parents called me and said I needed to marry Valjerome. It is said that the other group that opposes their organization is getting too strong so they need to strengthen theirs. Although I was confused about why they chose me and what I could do about it, marriage was the only thing that really went through my mind.

"W-What was V-Val's decision?" I politely inquired despite my nervousness.

I simply looked at him. He was sitting on the sofa and without any emotion, watching us talk to his parents.

"Valjerome accepted the decision, hija. You do not have to worry," his mother comforted me.

I could not help but feel thrilled and happy to what I have heard.

Does that mean we both fell for each other?

"A-All right then. I also agree," I whispered and bit my lower lip. "Ahmm ... when will be the wedding?" I am ashamed to ask.

His parents' smiled at me.

"Tomorrow, dear," his dad answered.