Wife's Seduction Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Wife's Seduction

Ah Ce

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Rumor had it that the Lu family’s third son was ugly, vicious, and incompetent in that aspect. On the first day Yun Ni married Lu Ang, Old Master Lu issued her an order, “Bear a child at once!” Yun Ni was speechless. Bear a child? That could only happen if Lu Ang was capable! How could a man who couldn’t even get it up bear a child? Old Master Lu said, “I don’t care if he can bear one or not. You two still have to have a child.” That would mean… they must engage in sexual activities? Strangely, Yun Ni understood Old Master Lu’s underlying meaning, and began thinking of ways to help Lu Ang regain his masculinity. If he couldn’t get hard, no problem. They would find the source of the problem and begin treatment there! The doctor said, “There’s nothing wrong with Third Young Master’s reproduction organ. He probably can’t get it up due to a mental issue.” And so… Yun Ni came out fresh from the shower, dressed in a sensual and revealing night gown, and knelt down before the man’s legs. She lifted her fair and dainty face to say, “The doctor asked me to give you kisses.” The doctor retorted, “No, I didn’t! You’re spouting nonsense!” Lu Ang was speechless. He realized that his newlywed wife was oddly obsessed about their couple life. She kept changing looks to seduce him and tried many different tricks, forcing him to exert all effort to prevent himself from being exposed… After Yun Ni failed to get him hard even after trying everything, she gave up in despair. But at that moment, Lu Ang, who had been speeding up his plan in secret, resolutely carried Yun Ni into the bedroom the instant his plan had succeeded. “Sweetheart, I’m done. We can enjoy our couple life now!”


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