265 Uproar

"This can't be true, right?" Some people started talking with each other.

These people were the guests invited due to their financial status. None of them had the power that elite families and guilds possessed, so they were oblivious to what was happening or about to happen.

Even Cristina was worried because all her plans to make this gala a memorable experience had gone down the drain.

But there was someone in an even worse mood than her.

And it was Casie Hargrave.

Currently, she was staying behind while her brother and a few others went to meet her father, the SSS Rank Hunter, Xarax Hargrave and the other SSS Rank Hunters.

"Who are they?" Casie asked as she picked up a glass of wine.

She had heard about a group of thieves called Zephyr, but now she wasn't sure about this new group bearing the same name.

She had carefully chosen this gala as the place to plant seeds about Asher Greville, and unrest against the Greville Family.


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